worksheet activate

  1. J

    Show information Issue

    Hi Guys, I hope I can explain myself clearly . I have a user form, what I want to do is: Type a name, (let's think that I have 3 people call Jessica but with different last names), when I click in search, I want to be able to see displayed the 3 names Jessica inside the list box The sheet name...
  2. A

    Limit (Not total Denial) Pasting within a Worksheet

    Hello, I would like to deny pasting into certain columns (F:G) without disrupting that ability elsewhere. I've searched for this and have come close to a solution, but they haven't been quite right. I used the following but it restricts pasting for the entire sheet Private Sub...
  3. ClwnMan76

    VBA - Maybe Looping - Activate Multiple Sheets?

    First of all, good morning and thanks to all of you who come on here and help us out and never asking much in return. You've inspired me to go to other forums where I actually do something about the subject and help out. :) I seem to have a sick dog now that is wanting attention so I've broken...
  4. Small Paul

    VBA to Activate Worksheet

    Hi There is bound to be a simple solution to this as I am probably doing something very basic wrong! I have a workbook with 1 worksheet from a Salesforce report download (so random name - "report***************"). I am making some changes on the sheet and then copying it to a new sheet titled...
  5. J

    Referencing ranges from another worksheet

    Hello all, I am trying to read the style of the cells in another worksheet to highlight cells in the active worksheet. So far I have the code below checking the first row, but I need it to go through all the rows (r) then check the cells in each column of that row (col). Private Sub...
  6. D

    Active Sheet Not Displaying

    I have a very small VBA app that begins with a Workbook with four Worksheets. It opens another Workbook, reads data from the only Worksheet in this Workbook (which is generated by an Access Database Macro), populates a "form" on a Worksheet named "Report" in the "master" Workbook, creates a PDF...
  7. E

    Activating worksheet based on hyperlink address

    Hi, I have spreadsheet which contains a column of client numbers. these are hyperlinks to worksheets on another workbook which has pivot tables with the names of these clients each on its own worksheet. I'm trying to write a macro which will count the number of clients in the list and update...
  8. B

    Running command from a different Worksheet

    I have a workbook with two worksheets. My first worksheet collects data from a .txt file and my second worksheet displays a summary of the data. I have the following code to import the data from the .txt file. This code works fine when I have the command button on the "Import" worksheet, but it...
  9. N

    Help with simple clearcontents loop function through worksheets

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me why this code doesn't work? It only clears the active sheet so I know it's something to do with how I use the Worksheets/workbook bit. All I need to do is clear the contents of the below range on every sheet in the workbook. Can anyone help please? Thanks so much in...
  10. T

    Excel 2007 - Worksheet Activate Event Problem

    When this event is triggered, I get a message "Object or Library Not Found" as if it is looking for the VBA Object library, which should have been loaded. The worksheet name is "Input|Output". Is there a conflict between two events? I attached the code below for help Thanks! Private Sub...
  11. D

    VBA: Selecting sheets without naming them

    Hi I have some code in my workbook which basically looks for the letter Y in column I and copies that data from sheet "Julie" to the "archive" sheet. What I would like to do is to replace the references to Sheets("Julie") and enable it to run from whatever worksheet I am running the macro...
  12. E

    Worksheet Change and Worksheet Activate Events Reprotecting Automatically

    Cross-posted: Have a worksheet where I'm trying to code in three things: 1) An Auto-Sort once data is entered in columns 1-7 2) A worksheet change event that runs my main macro when data in the table is changed 3) A security feature that locks cells in column 7 when column 10 = "Yes" I've...
  13. X

    How to bring sheet back into focus after loading picture into Userform

    My objective is to be able to use the up/down Arrow keys to step down a list of names in a column. Each step up/down puts a new picture into a Userform, which stays visible and floating above the sheet. All of that works fine if I use the mouse to click on the next cell up or down, but when...
  14. S

    Copy various cells from a directory of workbooks

    Hello Experts, I have been trying to get this to work for some time and feel I’m very close. - I’m a beginner to VBA so by combining several other threads I was able to get this far. What’s meant to happen, Prompt user to open a directory and then copy pre-defined cells from each tab (except...
  15. G

    Page Linking

    I have 10 worksheets that contain data by price ranges. I have created a new worksheet to summarize the data in a different perspective. I have used copy and paste (link) to insert data. On original 10 worksheet pages, I used copy and paste(formula) to insert data from adjacent column and/or...
  16. B

    Worksheet Doesn't Activate

    Excel 2003 VBA This is very strange asI am having 2 issues that may or may not be connected or indictative of an underlying issue: 1) I have a number of sheets each with code, some the same, some different, that are attached to the activate event. They tend to turn off...
  17. T

    Vba: Error type mismatch on referenced worksheet

    i keep getting error mismatch but i have ensure the table names and columns are the same could someone please help me: here is a piece of the code Dim Index As Sheets Set Index = Sheets Sheet1.Activate Dim Element As Worksheet Set Element = ActiveSheet Element.Activate SQL1 = "SELECT FROM " &...
  18. D

    activate worksheet with single password entry

    Hi Everyone...I'm a newbie here. Desired Scenario, 1. User opens spreadsheet. 2. Spreadsheet has two worksheets 3. User selects to view "Sheet2". 4. User is prompted for password (once for the entire file session). 5. Correct password (softball) allows access to worksheet, incorrect password...
  19. B

    Activate Worksheet via cell contents in VBA?

    Morning all, Just a quick one: I've got several worksheets in a book, all uniquely named (obviously). I've also got an 'Info' worksheet, with a dynamic worksheet-name (one of the previously mentioned) in cell L7 stored as text. • In VBA, can I activate the worksheet named in that location...
  20. Y

    Please advice me for this freaky Hyperlink condition!

    Dear all I am just preparing Update tracker for my personal use (with version 2007). I have created drop down list with few categories in first page or worksheet. and gave the category name to each and every worksheet. For example: if i have category called "ABC" in drop down list and there...

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