worksheet_change event

  1. C

    VBA to delete text after multiple carriage return (line break)

    I have VBA code on the Worksheet that records When, Who, and What Cell is changed when someone updates information in a row on the workbook spreadsheet. The code works well. I'm looking to start recording additional changes to each row, not just the last change. I've figured out how to use...
  2. T

    Merging two worksheet_change (ByVal Target as Range) events into same Worksheet

    I'm new to VBA ... thanks for your patience and assistance. I'm trying to create a report from multiple pivot tables on a single worksheet with each pivot table filter referencing a separate cell value in the worksheet. I have VBA for each Worksheet_Change but I haven't been able to figure out...
  3. r1998

    Worksheet_Change Event problem

    Dear friends and respected seniors, in excel in sheet1, whenever the value in cell F2 changes, it will store the new value in F14 if its blank, then another value in F15 if its blank and then another value in F16 if its blank... I am using this vba code Option Explicit Private Sub...
  4. M

    Excel Macro won't run properly when called from a Function

    Hi, I am trying to show a larger version of a graph and some supporting cells when the user hovers the mouse over a sparkline chart. The idea is to copy an image of the target cells (which includes the graph and supporting cells) and load the image into a user form. When I call the code from...
  5. W

    Worksheet_Change selectively firing

    Hello, I have a workbook, with one sheet, and some code running in the worksheet_change event. We have three copies of the worksheet on three different computers. On two of them, it works fine. On the third, when you open it up, you can click somewhere, and the event will fire. The next...
  6. B

    Need assistance with multiple ClearContents instances within Worksheet_Change

    I have two drop down lists. When the first drop down value is changed, the second automatically clears its value. I am performing this using the following: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = Range("O2").Address Then Range("P2").ClearContents...
  7. M

    Worksheet_Change as Data Validation

    I am trying to use worksheet_change as a data validation check. I want to insure values pasted into cells range a1:a3000 match a list of values from a list. I'm afraid I'm lost and don't know how to proceed. Here is what I have so far <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px...
  8. P

    Capture a change in cell value if the cell was initially not blank

    Hello, Is it possible to capture change in cell value but only if the initial value of the cell was not blank. Unless I am missing something doesn't seem to be possible to do with the Worksheet_Change event. Thanks
  9. D

    VBA Worksheet_change or Worksheet_selectionchange not auto-triggered

    Hi Experts, I have 2 worksheets which I coded (on each worksheet) to autofilter as per criteria whenever user select from the validation list. However, I don't know why it only works on the first worksheet. The 2nd worksheet only will autofilter when I click elsewhere and then click back the...
  10. G

    Clear cell contents not working based on menu selection

    Scenario: The contents of a validated list ("B1") changes depending on the selection made in another validated list ("A1"). If the user makes a selection in B1, but then goes back to change the selection in A1, the selection in B1 should be cleared to prevent a mismatch. I have used the...
  11. Prevost

    Adding character in front of changed cell value on change

    Hi There. I want the character "#" to be added in front of a cell value when a value is entered. I have this code but it is a worksheet_sheet change event and I am not sure if that is the correct way to go about it. Thanks! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim...
  12. U

    Is there a way to update a cell without implementing a Worksheet_Change?

    I have four cells that are are dependent of each other using Data Validation. When I change the cell in column C it updates the pull down list in column D. This continues through F. The problem is that if I have all of this information filled in and I decide to start over by changing the cell...
  13. D

    Worksheet_Change issue

    I'm a bit of a novice. I have a drop down cell which I have named "Deal Status". Whenever that cell is changed, I want a macro to run to potentially hide/unhide sheets depending on the selection. When "Executed LOI Received" is selected, the sheets are remaining hidden (I want them unhidden for...
  14. G

    Changing value of a cell by change of value in another cell using a drop down list

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with numerical data in B1:B11 and textual data in C1:C11. The numerical data is a couple of digits, nothing big, and the textual data is always two letters, in this case AB, AC or AD. I have the options for AB, AC or AD for each of the cells in C1:C11 in a data...
  15. U

    Worksheet_Change event to convert percentages to whole numbers

    I have a page for data entry that I want to automatically convert any data that is a percentage to a whole number (50% to 50 - not to 0.50). I am in the Sheet code (not the workbook) and I can't seem to get this to work. Data will likely be pasted by the user in bulk to a range (B3:H32) though...
  16. L

    VBA enter value on change

    Hi, I have problems adjusting my VBA code to apply when not only cell by cell value is entered but when I paste several cells in column D. I think it works OK when I enter value for example in cell d4, but when I try to paste values from D4 trough D8, only values are pasted and other columns...
  17. MUKESHY12390

    Worksheet_Change Event

    Dim PreviousValue Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Value <> PreviousValue Then Sheets("log").Cells(65000, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = _ Application.UserName & " changed cell " & Target.Address _ & " from " & PreviousValue...
  18. B

    How to execute Excel's 'undo' function by using vba?

    Hello, I have a 'yes/no' message box which the user will interact with. If the user clicks 'no' I want vba code to undo the users last change (to the worksheet's data); any ideas? If it makes any difference, the message box is triggered by the worksheet_change event. -B
  19. J

    Know if specific columns were deleted

    Hi I have a worksheet_change event that I want to put in place but I am having problems ensuring that this event exits if columns A to E are accidentally deleted. I had the same problem with my code if a row was inserted but I started the event with the following: Public Sub...
  20. J

    Worksheet_change event problems

    I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. Worksheet 1 has data entry table while worksheet 2 has 2 columns for a list of names and their departments I have a worksheet change procedure in worksheet 1 that does 3 things: 1. Checks if the cell(s) changed are within a specifc range of that worksheet...

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