wrap text

  1. Chris_010101

    AutoFit Row Height not working

    Hello, my UNIQUE, FILTER formula is pulling through results but autofit row height is refusing to work. I have selected all cells and used autofit row height and applied wrap text but it is not working. I have to re-select and apply these every time the formula pulls through a new result...
  2. K

    Fit Row height VBA based on no of lines in a cell.

    I have an Excel sheet wherein different cells have different lines (which are already wrap text-ed). I need to fix the row height to 15 in case of one line in a cell, 30 in case of two lines,45 in case of 3 and so on (i.e., 15 pt per line) .. Column in which the multiple line may occur is...
  3. M

    Wrap text and automatically adjust row height help

    Is there a way to ensure the text in a cell wraps & automatically the row height adjusts? Right now I find the I can the text to wrap but I have to manually adjust the row height or the text gets cut off but the cell bottom.
  4. J

    Text wrap the first word of a cell instead of the last.

    i Have English text in a single cell that is actually read right to left. It is aligned to the right and If the text is too much it should wrap the word furthest to the left. I’ve played with the “text direction” in the “alignment settings” but it always wraps the word furthest to the right...
  5. G

    Excel VBA: Code not right justifying text or wrapping text

    Hello, I modified a code by Chandoo where the user can select text in multiple cells in a column and the code will add it to the clipboard, join the text in a cell that the user pastes to, separated by a comma. I can't get the text to right justify or wrap in the cell after I paste the text...
  6. S

    How to copy whole data from MS word into Excel Cell

    Hi Found few references on Mrexcel but are not relevant to my query. I have a huge list of documents with file types like ms word(.doc, .docx, rft etc), pdf, .txt Trying to loop a list of above file type location paths from excel sheet2 and extract whole data from msword document, pdf and txt...
  7. D

    Page layout view, wrap text misaligns the center aligned text to the left of center

    When in Page Layout View I am having a problem with my text that is centered. If I have to wrap the text, wrapping moves the text to the left of center. When I double click in that cell, the text jumps back to being centered but when I exit that cell, the text jumps to the left; misaligned again...
  8. C

    Macro's and Second Users?

    Hello Everyone. So I have to stylize a bunch of spreadsheet (they come as .csv and leave as worksheets) for people in my company. Then return them to them. It is a simple, wrap text, freeze pane and align process that realistically takes a few minutes to complete however I have decided that I...
  9. J

    Copy multiple rows to once cell

    Hello, I have ports and ip addresses associated with ports and mac addresses. In some cases there may be more than 2 ip addresses associated with a port. I have data that looks like this: <tbody> Port IP address;Mac Address FA01;000.ae.ee;123.aa.bb FA02...
  10. K

    Wrap Text in Data Segmentation

    Hello, guys! I recently learned about Data Segmentation and got really excited about it, so I tried a few things by myself and then I realized I need help. I'm doing all my filters well, but after multiple Data Segmentations the end result (in one of these Data Segmentation boxes) is a text...
  11. B

    VBA Wrap Text For All Active Sheets Problems

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone is well. I have been using the below to run copy and past information from row 8 to row a1 throughout a workbook and just to try and tidy it up I thought I would try and make everything look nice and tidy. the column and row auto fit code works fine but when i have...
  12. K

    How to use a macro to enter in a number in a cell....

    Hello, I am wanting one macro to do the following steps: 1. Wrap text when cell is selected (this will be in column C all the time) 2. Adjust the height of cell to fit the wrap text (this will be in column C all the time) 3. When column C has something in it, in column A I want to place...
  13. E

    "centre across selection" moves

    Hi, I have selected "centre across selection" to have text sit in the middle across several columns without merging cells. However when I press F9 to refresh, the text moves left and right depending on which cell I have selected when I hit F9. How can I make sure the text doesn't move and sit in...
  14. P

    Autofit does not expand row height enough to display all text in cell

    I have 22 identical worksheets for a financial report used by our businesses where Col A has categories, Cols B-J are used for numbers, and Col K is for comments. Col K is configured to Wrap text (also, for 'TEXT ALIGNMENT', 'Left (Indent)' and 'Bottom' are selected). To print the report...
  15. T

    How to wrap text returned from formula in Excel 2010?

    Hi everyone, I am pulling text into a cell using an IF statement and Index Match. For example: IF(A1="","",INDEX('Sheet2'!A1:A5,MATCH('... I have selected wrap text and autofit row height, but I still have to double click wrap to make it expand the row height. It doesn't do it...
  16. Chris-Tillis

    Displaying all of cell contents (text, cell contents beyond 6000 characters, contents are beyond 'wrap text' abilities)

    Hi all, I hope someone can help with this. Back Story: I was involved in quite a severe road traffic accident a few years ago (nearly died), and now I can walk (fairly well), the solicitors have asked me to produce a complete diary of my recovery process, from crash to present day. I thought...
  17. J

    Auto Cell formatting when using Wrap Text

    I have a rather large list of parts that are exported from an Oracle download. When I pull this report I often have to adjsut the column width in order to read the long part descriptions. If I click on the top of the row and do wrap text to get a cells with a greater row height sometimes all...
  18. W

    word wrap occurs slightly before the contents warrant wrapping

    In cells with word wrap on, Excel has the annoying feature of expanding the row to accomodate another line when the cell contents are not quite ling enough to warrant wrapping. This leaves one with an expanded row but no actual text appearing on the newly added "line". Any suggestions?
  19. F

    Wrap Text to Cell Below, not within same cell

    Hello! I have this code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim strTarget As String, lngLen As Long, intRep As Integer, i As Integer Const intSplit As Integer = 63 If Intersect(Target, Range("A:A")) Is Nothing Or Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub If Len(Target.Value) > intSplit...
  20. PirateJenny

    Large volume text

    I am a research assistant extracting data from Word documents and copying it to an Excel sheet. Some of the data is lengthy and (for the purposes of the research) cannot be broken into multiple cells. At a certain row height (242.25) or character volume the text will no longer wrap. I have...

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