1. L

    Chart: 2 columns of x-axis values and y-axis values but want one series

    Hi, I am trying to make an line/scatter line chart for trend analysis where there are x-axis and y-axis values in two different columns. In the attached image, I would like to use columns D and I as x-values and E and J as y-values. However, I want the points to display in order of the x axis...
  2. L

    Graph Question with 2 X-axis

    Hi I have 2 data columns A - Heart Rate (example 165) B - Perceived effort (8.5) I would like to chart both of these by having 2 X-axis... Heart rate on the left and Effort on the right... I can't see to set these up so that the lines are somewhat normalized and plotted to together... Can...
  3. M

    Chart - call to MinimumScale function makes the plot disappear

    Hello everyone, I am curently trying to create a chart with VBA and I am facing some dificulties trying to figure out how to adjust my X-axis. I use dates on this axis and if I do'nt set its the min and max dates programatically, the plot just goes from 01/01/1900 to 19/02/1900. The thing is...
  4. I

    Excel Trend chart with Dates on x-axis

    I have an variant array with date/value pairs. If I plot with a line chart, the dates are correctly represented on the X-axis. I would prefer to have it as an X-Y chart (so there are no lines connecting the points). If I change the chart type to X-Y an change the x-axis formatting to date x-axis...
  5. A

    Excel Graphing Question - Move X-Axis Title

    I have a simple horizontal bar graph. The X-Axis title currently sits on the X-Axis at the top of the graph (above the horizontal bars). How do I move the X-Axis title to the bottom of the graph along the x-axis (below the horizontal bars)? I know I can physically drag it, but is there an...
  6. F

    Creating a scatter chart

    Hi everyone! I'm stuck trying to create a custom scatter chart. I have the following columns: <tbody> Name Angle n0 Value Angle n1 Value Angle n2 Value Frank 5 12 12 22 23 40 Peter 7 15 17 33 28 38 </tbody> I need a chart with Angles (n0, n1 and n2) in the x-axis and Values in the...
  7. L

    formatting pivot chart x-axis date

    Hi I created a pivot table from Date and Number of employees. The table is as below. I want to create chart from that table. I did but X-axis is showing the year like below and that makes the chart crowded. I went to format X-axis-->axis option-->Number-->format code and the type YY but did not...
  8. L

    duplicated dates in x-axis of a chart

    Hi I wanted to insert a chart for the data below. The dates are duplicated in x-axis, for example i have 14/10/2018 twice? why is that? Thank you. excel 2013 <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> day temp high temp low 14/10/2018 20 10 15/10/2018 19 16 16/10/2018 18 11...
  9. M

    Step plot without dates on the x-axis

    Hello, I am attempting to create a step plot while using the following data shown below. I have been unable to so far because my x-axis values are not dates. <tbody> x-axis y-axis 0 25.85 0.67 25.85 0.67 -63.69121262 3.68 -63.69121262 3.68 44.58121262 4.35 44.58121262 4.35 -6.74...
  10. R

    Plot blank X-axis values

    Hi I am trying to plot daily values. The table value for the x-axis consists of a if statement that returns "" if a certain condition is not met: =IF(A52<='By category'!$E$3,Sheet4!A52,"") My problem is that for all the cells that are false (""), an empty space is plotted on the x-axis. So if 5...
  11. P

    Display X-Axis Labels on Two Levels to Improve Readability

    I'm working on a rolling 12-month chart, where the X-axis is MMM-YYYY format. The chart will be posted in 4-panel slide. So the x-axis after being scaled down in size will be hard to read. A solution would be to alternate labels between two levels. Month 1 would display just below the x-axis...
  12. A

    Switching x-axes from horizontal secondary to primary

    Hello! I have a chart with 4 axes (i.e. horizontal primary, horizontal secondary, vertical primary and vertical secondary). I'm using Excel 2016 and need to switch the horizontal secondary axis at the top (date) with the horizontal primary axis at the bottom (number). Unfortunately, I...
  13. J

    How to get labels at 0, 10, 20, 30 in an excel chart?

    I have a stacked column chart in excel 2013. The x values for the data are the numbers 0 through 30. I would like the x-axis to have labels at 0, 10, 20, 30. When I format the x-axis to specify the interval between labels as 10, the labels show up at 4, 14, 24. Is there a simple way to get the...
  14. J

    Excel chart variable X-axis

    Hi, My question is in twofold and related to eachother: * I have plot chart linked to a Table with the dates on the X-axis of the chart. Depending on the month selected for the table (dropdown), the number of days differs of course. The chart however than needs to be adjusted every time I select...
  15. M

    Setting a chart y-Axis on a Secondary Axis - breaks the x-Axis formatting

    Hi. I have a simple, two lines chart. My X-Axis range has dates, linked to source. As soon as I define one of the y-axis lines to be on a secondary axis - the dates formatting of the x-Axis are removed and all labels are shows as a sequence of numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6... Setting it back on the...
  16. N

    Enlarging x-axis scale in already "working" diagramm

    Hello! I have a diagramm in which the x-axis gets its scale from another sheet (=sheet3!$A$3:$A$74). In the diagramm that shows like weeknumber (18 19 20 and so on). Now I need to put in 6 more weeks and changed to =sheet3!$A$3:$A$80, but the diagramm will not extend the weeknumbers. I am not...
  17. MitzDriver

    VBA code to automatically set X-Axis on scatter chart

    I've tried everything that I know of (which is not much) and still can't get what I want. Actually have worked on this for almost a year (off and on). I would like VBA code to set the minimum and maximum x-axis for a scatter chart named chart1. Which is the ONLY chart in the only worksheet in...
  18. A

    Setting X-Axis Values & Y-Axis Range

    I have the following code that creates a chart based on a table from Range("Y2:Z" & iRow3), where iRow3 is the last row of the table (changes as new data is input): With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=Range("C12").Left, _ Top:=Range("C12").Top, _...
  19. D

    Adjust axes on automatically updating chart

    Hi all. I have a chart that will have up to 60 entries. The chart will update automatically whenever a new entry is made. I accomplished this task 2 ways, by using the OFFSET function and also setting up my data in a table. The chart works great, but my x-axis scales up to 60, because that is...
  20. S

    Clustered Column that organizes by data label

    Hi there! I am trying to create a clustered column chart that compares multiple clam species population densities at a single beach site over time. Ultimately, I want to compare the densities of the same species clams at different times at the same place. On my x-axis, I want to have the...

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