1. S


    How to open a xla file easily?
  2. gheyman

    XLA File

    Someone sent me a workbook to look at "because its no longer working". What they sent was an XLA file. They said it use to add a ribbon to their tool bar but now it doesn't work with the latest version of XLS. Is this just missing a tool pack or Add-in that needs to be activated in her latest...
  3. J

    XLA back the code? is possible?

    is possible get the code form a XLA (AddIN)? if yes, how to? Thanks
  4. J

    excel 2010 xla file not found cannot open excel [mre]

    Installed an xla file; didn't like and removed it. Tried to remove complaint via Options; didn't help, but could open Excel. Yesterday, after Win 10 update get error PLUS Excel will not open.
  5. G

    Hidden user defined formulas

    Hello everyone ! I am currently working with an excel file where one of the used formulas is somehow hidden ( I can't view the code to see how the formula works ) . In VBA editor there are 3 references ( XLA ) used where one of them was password protected. I managed to unlock it , with a hex...
  6. B

    How to store VBA code separately on shared drive and allow users to use workbook with buttons

    Hi, I usually don't get stuck since i tend to find answers on MrExcel and/or on Google searches, but I've spent some hours today on this and can't figure it out. I have a macro workbook that contains multiple modules, macros, hyperlinks and buttons. I want to start splitting my macro workbooks...
  7. S

    xla & workbook_beforesave

    Hi all, this one is causing me a bit of a problem. Hope i get the problem across !. I have a template which i update regularly, this template gets used daily, and files are saved from it. Over the years we have lots of these files. People open old versions of these rather than using the new...
  8. M

    .XLA won't run / errors

    Hi guys, I'm creating a .xla file so I can distribute my macro as an add-in to my friends and collegues. However, the macro doesn't seem to work at all. I made an .xla file, opened it and it works perfectly. I can click the buttons I'm supposed to and some of the 'code' seems to run. But as...
  9. D

    Auto Loading Add-in and Reference when open file

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a file that requires an add-in to be installed and a reference be set. Right now I have to add the Treemap.xla as an Add-In then open the workbookand then open the VBA editor and under Tools->References, turn on CHARTMAKER. I would like to shares this file with...
  10. C

    A question about excel .xla , ado and vb.net

    In the simplest terms I can relate, here's my problem... where I work we use a data collection system that is accessed through an xla. If that xla doesn't run, we can't get to the data. I am trying to build an application that will "hide" the excel instance running, but still be able to change...
  11. E

    Editing XLA/XLAM Add-ins

    Hello Mr. Excel Community, I have experienced the following problem using Excel 2007 under Windows XP. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I have a VBA library (library.xlam) that is used by a client Excel app (client.xlsm), both stored in a...
  12. J

    VBA ok but error running as add-in

    Hi, Is this code permissible in a custom add-in (XLA)? For Each rngCell In Worksheets(gs_sheet).Cells(gl_last_row, gl_last_col) If Trim(rngCell.Value) = "" Then rngCell.Value = 0 "< ----- error in XLA here End If Next rngCell It works fine when executed as...
  13. W

    xla startup macro

    I have created a program that creates an xml file which is "fully-compatible" with Excel (as compatible as an xml file can be, anyway). I now want to create a macro which creates a graph out of the information available. I know that xml files cannot carry VBA/macro information, so I've turned to...
  14. J

    Changed the location of an xla, now what?

    Hi, I have some UDFs that I stored in an xla. Several workbooks make use of this xla that I have loaded in Excel. Everything worked fine. Now one day I moved the xla to a new location. Now I experience the following phenomenom: Everytime I open Excel it tells me that the xla cannot be found...
  15. J

    Excel Add-In

    I converted an XLS file to an XLA file. The add-in works the way it's supposed to except it always opens the original XLS file and leaves it open after the add-in macros run. What did I do wrong and how can I stop it from opening the original XLS file?
  16. J

    Use a UDF in an XLA in the VBA code of another workbook

    Hi, I've created a UDF which I've stored in an .xla file fired up in Excel and ready use. In fact it works great in the worksheet of any workbook. However when it comes to VBA and I try to use this UDF Excel tells me it can't recognize the function. How make the UDF universal in both...
  17. S

    Add-in not showing in Macro's list

    Hello, I have recently discovered the beauty of add-ins, but I've got a small problem : I saved my add-in workbook as an xla in the appropriate folder and I enabled the add-in in the workbooks, but when I open a new workbook, the sub I had made does not appear in the Macro's list (Alt+F8)...

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