1. L

    How to invert this formula

    Excel 2007 using Win10. Trying to invert the sheet so the dates can be newest (top) to oldest (bottom) but the formula in columns N-R which counts the skips (blank cells) between won't cooperate. Also, if there is a way to completely eliminate columns H4:L27 (where H2:L2 need to be anchors)...
  2. Rijnsent

    Excel file damaged -recover contents- reasons?

    Hi all, I have a .xlsm excel template with quite some macros and a toolbar in it. It e.g. executes some macros on opening & closing. It is working fine for about 95% of the users, but 5% of the users do every now and then bump into "problems found with file yourfile.xlsm, would you like to...
  3. J

    Power Query - csv OR table in xlsm

    General Question. What is the better option to be using as a data source, a csv file OR a table in an xlsm file? Is there any refresh speed difference by using one over the other? Thank you in advance!
  4. R

    VBA to include modules in emailed workbook

    Hi there, I am using the code below to email out a report (using task scheduler & macro launcher to email our daily). The report I'm emailing out contains macro buttons, relating to two modules (Module1 and Module2). The code below works as far as sending the workbook as an attachment, but...
  5. M

    VBA to Open/Save/Close Multiple Excel Files

    Hi all, I need some code that will loop through a folder of 300 excel files.........I need the code to open each file (which enables some updates), then save it, and then close it. The format of the files is xlsm. Probably a simple one for some of you folk Can anyone help?
  6. B

    Code converting xlsm to xls

    As you can probably tell by looking at the code below, I simply run the code when I have a xlsm file open and it saves it as a xls. A problem Im having is if i accidentally run the code on a xls I will get error at the Kill Filename. Is there something that could be added at the beginning where...
  7. D

    VBA for File save-as XLSM with user folder selection

    Hi, I have a large macro that asks the user to save the file vbYes/vbNo File name is coming from combo of cells in the file I want the user to select a folder on the network. It should ask to overwrite if file exist. It must save as XLSM. I've been trying to get ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs going...
  8. W

    Why does FUNCRES.XLAM open in a seperate window when I open an xlsm workbook

    I know what the FUNCRESS.XLAM sheet does, I have used it for a long time. In the past when opening an xlsm workbook only the workbook opened. Recently with no changes by me, a second window for FUNCRES.XLAM opens. This is true for existing and new workbooks. If I close it the entire workbook...
  9. J

    Insert a sheet into workbook using the open dialog

    I would like to import an xlsm sheet with data into my workbook at the end of the last tab and have the new inserted sheet/tab name the xlsm filename being inserted less the path. below is my code but I cannot get it to work right. any thought to what i am missing or have wrong? I switched to...
  10. G

    Keep xlsx and delete xlsm version from folder

    First of all I’ve been lurking reading copy and pasting for past 3-4 months. Big Thanks Bill Jelen for the videos, ebooks and this forum. It’s gold when a question in google shows up with links to MrExcel I have a Work Order xlsm file that opens, grabs next number, saves and closes then opens a...
  11. H

    merge files including macro's

    I have a problem for some month now. I am not sure wether this can be solved. I have 2 files which both have macro's, knobs to activate these macro's and pictures which are manipulated by macro's Now I want to merge these two files including the micro features. Up to now I have copied all...
  12. L

    Asus computer corrupts xlsm file?

    Hi all, I have a 1 year old Asus laptop (gamer, so pretty high specs) a 3 year old MSI PC (also gamer, practically a mini nuclear power plant) and a 6 year old Lenovo (which barely lives and even 6 years ago was very poor specs.. I used it to take it to school to make notes, and thats about...
  13. M

    Selecting non-Macro enabled files

    When selecting xlsx files, the VBA project viewer is automatically launched. Can we prevent this knowing that I have one xlsm file in the same folder? Thanks
  14. E

    Calling xlsm functions from xlam

    Hi Long time lurker finally signed up as I can't figure this out. Test.xlam: contains a class TestIF (Test interface) -- PublicNotCreatable contains a function RunTests (starts execution--called from a menu) which is supposed to callback to the xlsm file to instantiate the class that...
  15. M

    How do I open a XLSM file

    I have this Excel file I created back in 2003 with various macros but I can't find the method of opening the actual macro file XLSM ! I am using 2010 version and would appreciate guidance on how to open it. I do have the developer tab in my ribbon. thanks Ron
  16. I

    VBA: Parsing String

    Hi, I currently have the following string in a cell: "09/17/2015 0715" I am exporting this to a .txt file. Is it possible to parse the string so that it gets rid of the date and only displays "0715" when exporting the .txt file?
  17. R

    Overwrite existing files and save as PDF XLSM and new sheet

    Hi I have this save button, that saves: 3 sheets into pdf 4 sheets into a new workbook (xlsm) 1 sheet into a new copy inside the workbook My problem is if i want to save the sheets again it dosn't overwrite the old one. So my question is how to change the code so it overwrite existing files...
  18. D

    vba excel - closing ActiveWorkbook while ThisWorkbook is invisible

    I'm running Excel 2016. I have xlsm file that hides the application window when its userforms are running. If I attempt to close another Excel workbook (Book1) that has no macros, the Excel window for the xlsm appears visible and becomes the active workbook, and Book1 still remains open. I've...
  19. T

    Macro Limiting Save As File Types

    I have spent the majority of my day trying every applicable macro I could find on the Internet and altering it for my needs with no success. If anyone here could help me I would be so grateful! I have an Excel file with which I want to limit the Save As option to 3 file types that the...
  20. O

    Prompt User to Save File with Specific Extension (xlsm)

    Hello you amazingly helpful Excel wizards! I have a csv file that I'm fixing up using VBA. I'm getting errors about running out of memory and have read that saving the file can help resolve that. I'd like to prompt the user to save the file immediately after the macro is ran but can't seem to...

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