zero values

  1. W

    Power Pivot Table Refresh Issue

    Hi and thanks for having this forum to discuss issues with Excel/VBA. 1) I have created a macro to take raw data and make a Table and several Power Pivot Tables to show "Count of Disputes" and use those values on another sheet and it works great. Disputes(PivotTable14) Location All...
  2. T

    Issues with countif and values of 0

    Here is my enigma... I have cells that contain a "0". They test TRUE as Text, and FALSE as a number, yet every variation I have tried with a CountIf (or countifs) function does not test as expected. In the text posted below, the 'formula' listed in column 2 is also in Column 3 with the value...
  3. R

    sumifs formula works in one column but only gives zero value in the next column

    Hello all, thank you for taking a look at this. I am using Excel for Mac 2011, OS X Yosemite. I am setting up a sales tracking database for my bakery. The data is entered daily, and I am building weekly and monthly summary sheets. Each product (e.g. Chocolate Chip Cookie) is a row. Each column...
  4. E

    Formulas with variables stored in different models return all values as zero

    Hello, I have a fairly complex mathematical model where variables and its value are currently stored in three modules. If I use a formula where the variables are stored in the same module, the formula will return the correct value. However, if I call up a value from a different module to module...
  5. S

    This seemingly basic task is making me pull my hair out...

    I'm using =SUM(IF( as an array to count the number of rows that meet multiple conditions. The data is based in an external workbook, so I'm stuck with SUM(IF. When adding a condition to my formula that looks in a particular column for cells containing '0' (zero), things start falling apart...
  6. H

    Skip Zero or N/A values on clustered and stacked bar chart?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to produce a clustered and stacked (or stacked and clustered depending on your phrasing) bar chart. The rows in my data can have multiple values spanning across multiple columns, but not all row/column intersections will have values (and at certain times, rows will have...
  7. K

    Always Disable 'Zero Values'

    Hi I am looking for a way that I can ensure that Zero Values are never shown, either when you open a new workbook or open a new window. Preferable, one which I can install for any user who needs this. (such as via Book.XLA I think) but AutoExec is fine as long as it is alwys loaded. Thank you...
  8. V

    Discrepancies between running macro and stepping through the code.

    Hi guys, I have just written a code to convert some numbers from text format (They were imported from a PDF) to number format. The code seems to work perfectly when I step through it and watch what it is doing, however when I assign the macro to a button it causes all the converted numbers to...
  9. S

    Omit zero values from conditional formatting

    How can I use conditional formatting to apply a colour scale to shade highest value brightly and scale the colour down to lowest non-zero value in a muted colour, but cells with zero values (many) not to have any shading. Data consists of positive integers in a column. Other conditional...
  10. R

    Percentage of change with zero value in one cell

    Good Day to all: I have this scenario and I've looked at other posts in this and other forums and can't put my finger on the solution. My example is below: Column E = This year to date information Column F = Last year to date information F52= 0 no activity for the previous year E52= 7...
  11. R

    Exclude #N/A values from stacked column chart

    Hi guys, Im trying to create a stacked column chart that only shows rows with values and excludes rows with #N/A values. NOTES: 1. I can't filter as I have 2 columns I wish to display in the stacked chart, and sometimes a #N/A value in column B does not equal #N/A in column C.. 2. I can't...
  12. A

    Hide column if all cells down the column are zero by using macro in excel

    Hello, everyone. :) I really need help in hiding specific column in excel where all the cells down that column are zero. For example, column A that has 50 rows. If all the cells in column A contain 0, then the column will be automatically hidden. Can I accomplish this by using macro? :(...
  13. mghoran

    Conditional Sums and Excel 2007

    Are there differences between the way 2003 and 2007 works for Cond Sums? Previous .xls files work OK (2003), now getting "zero" values in 2007... Cell formats, settings ?? I created these by "saving as" from the .xls, and the "rollup" had to be .xlsm because of macros. I am linking...
  14. E

    Hide zero or error values in radar chart

    Hi everybody, I am trying to hide zero or error values in a radar chart. When I google this topic, most answers go something like "replace =IF(a1>1;a1;"") with =IF(a1>1;a1;na())" This returns an NA# value instead of a zero. This solution might work in other chart types, but in my radar...
  15. K

    Ratios and #DIV/0 errors

    Hi everyone! First time to post here, but I have enjoyed watching Mr. Excel with Leo Laporte during the old "Call for Help" and "Lab with Leo" television shows...which is why I'm here today in need of this forum's assistance. I wish to thank EVERYONE in advance for your insight and assistance...
  16. T

    Do not return a zero value with index function

    I am using the following formula to extract the data I need for a chart =INDEX(AF$16:AF$38,$A$2) How can I have this formula not return a zero value if the cell it's referring to is blank? It is plotting the zero for a data point in my chart. I have the chart set on "show empty cells as"...
  17. Y

    Hide cells with date formula

    I have Excel 2004. Can anyone tell me how to hide the formula in a cell where I've set it up to calculate the date something is due, based on a cell where someone will enter a start date? The start date is blank until someone puts a date in there, and as a consequence my due date is coming up a...
  18. T

    Ignore Zeros in a Pie Chart

    Hello! I'm working on creating a pie chart that draws data from a fair number of source cells. However, a good number of these cells = 0%. How can adjust the chart data range to ignore zeros. Here is my chart data range: ='Jan-10'!$G$3:$G$18,'Jan-10'!$K$3:$K$18 Thanks!
  19. T

    Ignore Zeros with STDEVP

    I'm trying to create formula that will calculate the population standard deviation that ignores all zeros. For example, I want to get a result of 5.969309262 instead of 9.393982839 when I calculate the population standard deviation of the following list: 17 19 12 0 25 25 9 24 0 How do I need...
  20. P

    Hide values of zero in pie charts

    Hello Mighty Excel Masters, Can anyone tell me how to hide data with a value of zero in a pie chart? I have included a very simplified summary of my spreadsheet. My actual file contains many more data values and many more zeroes. My data looks like this, pasted in cells A1:B6...

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