Anyone know a "Super DoEvents" or a way to force OLEDBConnection to update its refreshing property?


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Dec 20, 2012
Hi All,

I've discovered recently that DoEvents doesn't yield to all events - for instance, OLEDBConnection objects do not update whilst VBA code is running when their state has been changed during a .Calculate call made from VBA, even if followed by a DoEvents loop. Aside from using scheduled firing of code (OnTime, SetTimer) - which is suitable some of the time, but not always - are there any APIs anyone can think of that would allow me to manually yield execution totally, and resume mid-procedure - something which would have a similar effect as:

Private mblnTotalYieldInProcess As Boolean

Public Sub ReCalc()
    If mblnTotalYieldInProcess Then Goto AfterYield

    <... Preceding actions here ...>

    blnInitialState = oCN.OLEDBConnection.Refreshing
    mblnTotalYieldInProcess = True
    Application.OnTime Now, "ReCalc"
    Exit Sub

    mblnTotalYieldInProcess = False
    blnFinalState = oCN.OLEDBConnection.Refreshing

    <... Rest of code here ...>

End Sub
But a bit less horrible. This approach will almost certainly work, but for a variety of reasons there's a fair chance I might have two of these running asynchronously, and that could get very messy very quickly. I can think of a few hacks to separate them (arrays of UDTs containing a GUID and the boolean, for instance, and an optional strGUID argument for ReCalc) but they feel like hacks. Does anyone know of any better approach than this?

I should also point out, I haven't actually tried Application.OnTime Now; I'm using Application.OnTime Now + CDate("00:00:01"), which obviously is a much longer pause. I'm not 100% certain that scheduling immediate execution will yield enough, though, so completely different approaches would be better.

Thanks in advance,

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