Change Row height and colour based on value


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
Without knowing anything about your data, or the code you are using to do the sort. Not really.
It might be that you don't don't header row, but the code is assuming there is one.


New Member
Ok so the date I've got sorted (hopefully) and I've attempted to add a borders to the code you gave me but falling over, I'd want a top and bottom border when the criteria that resized the column (but going to cell FO) and clearing any top bottom border if it doesnt


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
How about
Sub Andyjk1984()
   Dim Cl As Range
   For Each Cl In Range("A1", Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
      If Cl.Value = 1 Then
         Cl.RowHeight = 33
         Cl.Resize(, 13).Interior.ColorIndex = 16
         With Cl.Resize(, 171)
            .Borders(xlEdgeTop).Weight = xlThin
            .Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight = xlThin
         End With
         Cl.RowHeight = 20
         Cl.Resize(, 171).Borders(xlEdgeBottom).LineStyle = xlNone
      End If
   Next Cl
End Sub

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