Combox1 & Combobox2 equals specific cell


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Aug 4, 2010
I don't know how to name this thread but I tried my best :). I am new at excel so I have a lot to learn. But so far I have managed to use VLOOKUP and managed to set a Combobox1(wich are rows) with list that I want (A15:A500).
What I have problem with is that I want Combobox2 that I want to have two specific cells that I can choose between no matter what I choose in Combobox1. Then I want to have a result based from what I've choosen. So result will be in a Textbox1 (wich is specific cell from row and cell choosen in comboboxes).

For e.g. Combobox1: Bergdalen(A20) + Combobox2: Boggibil(C13) equals Textbox1: 342,00 kr(D20)

Here is a picture to make it more clear:

Can anyone help please :)?

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Sep 2, 2009
This is what I understand.

If Combobox2 is "Boggibil", you want to return a value from column D. If Combobox2 is "Bil & Slap", you want to return a value from column F. Is that correct?

You can link cells to your two comboboxes and your textbox. For this example...
Link Combobox1 to cell A1
Link Combobox2 to cell B1
Link Textbox1 to cell C1

Put this formula in cell C1
=IF(OR(A1="",B1=""),"",INDEX(OFFSET(A15:A500,,IF(B1="Boggibil", 3,5)),MATCH(A1,A15:A500,0)))
The formula will calculate a value for your text box. If A1 or B1 is empty, then c1 will be empty. Otherwise it looks up the value from A1 in A15:A500 and then returns the value for column D or F depending on what is in cell B1.


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Aug 4, 2010
Hi Alpha,
yes ... that's exactly what I want. But D column is a result from B + C and F column is a result from B + E
... and I'm not at all good at codes :( ... what I did in combobox1 is that I changed ListFillRange to Område1!A15:A500(Sheet1 is "Område"), that is what I managed to do so far... but I would really like to learn, and I did learn a lot on this forum :)

What I had in mind is to have a combobox1 with list from column that begins from A5 and combobox2 with just cells C14 & E14 so if I choose a column(combobox1) and a row(combobox2) that it automaticlly shows in a textbox1 a result from multiplying those two .. I did multiply those separate in columns D & F to make it easier for me :)
But to make it work I need help with coding :)

P.S. .. my version is in Swedish.

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