DAX, how to last value in the period total


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I have a table like this

Country, headcount, Month
US, 23, May2019
US, 24, Jun2019
UK, 27, May 2019
UK, 27, Jun 2019

Now Excel pivot-table of Country as row and Month as Column, the Q2 column is showing 47 (23+24) for US.
So I am thinking I need to use DAX instead...

Is there a way the Q2 column be the latest value in the Quarter, ie 24 instead ?



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If your Month is actual date you should get what you're after with something like:

Last Day's Head Count:=CALCULATE(sum(Table1[Headcount]);FILTER('Calendar';'Calendar'[Date]=max(Table1[Date])))

Filter using the Calendar (dimension) table instead of the Month/Date column of your fact table.

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