Delivery Dockets & Invoices for Budgets


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Jun 19, 2019
Hi all,

Bear with me for the incoming long post. I need to explain what I’m looking for.
I work in the financial side of construction. So I work with a lot of budgets and products. Delivery Dockets and Invoices etc. I have a spread sheet that works amazingly for certain products/deliveries. This is more for dockets that have one item on it.
I currently use the bellow two formulas mainly to allow me to achieve my goals. I take the docket and record it so it can go against my budget and shows % used/remaining etc of the budget.
=SUMIFS($I$8:$I$1996,'Sheet 1'!$D$8:$D$1996, Sheet 2!$E$12,'Sheet 1'!$E$8:$E$1996,Sheet 2!$F$13,'Sheet 1'!$F$8:$F$1996, Sheet 2!F17)

  • This formula I use to detect 3 variables. If the three variables match the certain part of the budget it will take the value against these 3 variables and then deduct it from the budget etc.

  • This formula then picks from a range of values against the product to determine how much the quantity needs to be multiplied by to show how much has been spent.
This all works well in the current set up as previously mentioned, there is only one item per docket and this matches against one part of the budget.
Example (concrete):
BuildingGround FloorWalls50 cubes
BuildingGround FloorColumns10 cubes
BuildingGround FloorSlab100 cubes


My SUMIFS formula will find the Building -> Ground Floor -> Walls combination through the entire table and put the total number of cubes against the budget.
I now need an idea either through macros or more advanced formulas.
The dockets I have now, have a range of multiple products on it. These products have a range of prices. The main issue I am trying to solve is how to ensure I can have the one docket and that the product goes against the correct part of the budget.

Open to any and every suggestion.


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