1. P

    Generating a Unique, Sequential ID in Excel According to the String Value in Another Column

    In Column A of my excel sheet I'm trying to create a unique, sequential ID in each row according to the 'activity type' in Column C. Activity Title is in Column B, but the two relevant columns for this example are Column A and Column C. There are three activity types: Milestones, Tasks, and...
  2. O

    Formatting report - Pivot table

    I have a spreadsheet to track documents issued, when and a transmittal number. The transmittal can have multiple documents and each document can have multiple revisions. Where I am stuck is trying to format this data into a report based on documents or on transmittal. I have tried using a...
  3. F

    Excel Analytics for Dummies

    Can anyone point me to a good resource for learning how to do some basic analytics in Excel? What I'm trying to learn how to do is look at all the operating and maintenance costs of hundreds of facilities and determine which ones cost the least/most overall. Also to look for cases where a...
  4. J

    Data Manipulation

    Hi Folks! I am back asking for your help. I receive a file in the following format. The rows that start with data in Column "A" are part numbers. Below those part numbers with data beginning starting in column "C" are accessory codes and accessory descriptions, pertaining to the part above. I...
  5. R

    Dependant drop down list

    Hi All I'm wondering if this is possible and if so I would greatly appreciate help with it. I'm working between 2 sheets and I will use a Hotel as an example. Sheet 1 has 2 columns, Floor# and Name. Sheet 2 has 21 columns. The first column is the Floor#, the next 20 columns are names of...
  6. A

    Delivery Dockets & Invoices for Budgets

    Hi all, Bear with me for the incoming long post. I need to explain what I’m looking for. I work in the financial side of construction. So I work with a lot of budgets and products. Delivery Dockets and Invoices etc. I have a spread sheet that works amazingly for certain products/deliveries...
  7. K

    Updating Inventory Based on Daily Pull Values

    Okay excel genius', I'm stuck in a rut and need your help! I work at a shop that carries a stock of liquids. It is my job to keep track of the inventory on a daily basis. If this was my only job, then it would be easy, but its not. So, I began working on an Excel file that could automate the...
  8. B

    Floor Function for Time Interval

    Thanks to all who respond. I am using the FLOOR function with a 2:30 time interval to group my time cells but because of the rounding it is not 100% accurate for grouping. See the bold items below. I want to group the records that are within 2:30 from the previous record. 6:12:31 0.2587...
  9. S

    Index/Match error when adding Floor function

    Scenario: Looking up daily pay rates on an excel table, based on Paygrade and Years of Service. Problem: Ask Employee #1 “How many years of service do you have?” If he replies with an even number (e.g. “28 years of service”), then my Index/Match formula works as intended, therefore no issue...
  10. S

    Code to add row and content

    Hi everyone I have a large table that is something like this <tbody> Ducting Ducting First floor Painting Painting First floor Isolation Isolation First floor </tbody> and so on I want to add rows for six floors and have a table like below <tbody> Ducting Ducting first...
  11. faeryluv

    IF function with division and FLOOR function

    Hi, everyone! I work for a nonprofit and our big Walks are coming up. I am in charge of running reports and getting registration binders ready for volunteers. They will check in Walkers and depending on the amount of money they raised, and the number of members on their team, will hand out...
  12. B

    Extracting data from two columns based on criteria

    Hi there, I am looking for a formula that searches through the bold column and returns a corresponding value (I.e Drummin, End Unit, Hardwood Floor etc.) on one single row. This is a sample size of a larger spread sheet and I need the formula to run through the entire document and automatically...
  13. S

    Autofill with exclusions

    Currently in Aus. a lot of new Chinese immigrants are buying units so developers are kowtowing to their tetraphobia by building unit blocks without a fourth floor or floors without the number four same goes with the unit numbers. See link...
  14. GlenCoco

    Exponential decreasing percentage with a floor

    I've learned that (almost) anything is possible in Excel, so I'm confident someone knows the solution to this :) I'm working on a margin markup formula for our customer reps to use, but the markup percent needs to exponentially decrease as the hard pre-quote value rises, until reaching a set...
  15. L

    Populating an Indicator (X) When Two Criteria Are Met

    <tbody> Please see below table. I'm trying to assign an "X" in column NIS2 when any record sharing the same TRANS ID (column A) has an "X" in column NOT IN STOCK. My obstacle is some times the NOT IN STOCK column "X" may be the first, middle or last record for a given TRANS ID. My attempts...
  16. R

    Using MID w/ IF

    I am trying to use mid with if, I tried nest IF, but that didn't work. I am using the following it work but will not give me the response I need. =LOOKUP(MID(ROOM_NUMBER,2,1)+0,1,"1st Floor") <tbody> ROOM_NUMBER FLOOR <tbody> N1017 </tbody> =LOOKUP(MID(ROOM_NUMBER,2,1)+0,1,"1st Floor")...
  17. K

    How to round a number DOWN to the nearest "log multiple"?

    I created this formula which magnificently rounds a number UP to the nearest "log multiple" of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 5: =CEILING(B4,10^INT(LOG(4*B4))/2) Now I would like to modify this so that it rounds a number DOWN to the nearest "log multiple" of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 5, so I tried the following...
  18. G

    Excel macro: how to use floor function in macro code

    Hi, i am trying to get a floor value in excel macro. eg: assume x=20 (x/9)=2.222 but i want to print as 3 which can be accomplished using floor function. but am not able to use excel inbuilt functions in macro. like floor(x/9) which throws me a error: function not found. Please help me out...
  19. N


    Sorry if this Question is already been answered have looked quite a lot but couldn't find. Last week at work I used this function(floor) to calc. number of for eg. 10 that comes under 100. Could you please let me know if you can give me the formula for it. So to explain properly. I give £5 to...
  20. E

    grouping counts by date and time

    Barry Houdini provided the following which helped divide my data set into 15 min chunks of time and list the number of counts in each time period: =SUMPRODUCT((FLOOR(MOD(B$1:B$4,1),"0:15")=C1)+0 where B is time of an event in hours:minutes. This worked well on a small data set using 15...

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