Error 1004- Query did not run or a database table cannot be opened


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Feb 27, 2009
I have an end user in Korea who is encountering an error when they execute a ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh from Excel VBA against an Access Db Query. There are three Excel worksheets with ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh updates in the workbook. Two are linked to Access Queries and one is linked to an Access Table (that is a linked Excel file in the Access Db).

The Korean user can execute the Refresh against the Access Table successfully but receives the following error message when trying to run the Refresh on either of the Access Queries:

Error 1004- Query did not run or a database table cannot be opened.
Check the database server or contact your database administrator.
Check you can use an external database, the database has been moved or reorganization, and then try the operation again

Since the Excel QueryTable refreshes for the Access queries run on multiple PCs in the US and not in Korea I assume it has something to do with Language or Locale but I am not sure and would appreciate any suggestions.

Excel 2007 and Access 2007


Current Connection String:

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;User ID=Admin; Data Source=\\rshbgfs1\business\Human Resources\International\Korea\Kiosk\KRW-Kiosk.accdb; Mode=Read;Extended Properties="";Jet OLEDB:System database=""; Jet OLEDB:Registry Path="";Jet OLEDB:Engine Type=6; Jet OLEDB:Database Locking Mode=0;Jet OLEDB:Global Partial Bulk Ops=2; Jet OLEDB:Global Bulk Transactions=1;Jet OLEDB:New Database Password=""; Jet OLEDB:Create System Database=False;Jet OLEDB:Encrypt Database=False; Jet OLEDB:Don't Copy Locale on Compact=False; Jet OLEDB:Compact Without Replica Repair=False; Jet OLEDB:SFP=False;Jet OLEDB:Support Complex Data=False


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