How can I replace one Access data connection with a different connection that contains identical data and structure?


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Oct 16, 2013
Here's my situation.
I have a workbook that has a table and a pivot table that are both connected to a single Access database file. I'll refer to this database file as "Old".
There are formulas on other sheets in the file that reference the tables.

I also have another Access database file that has exactly the same fields, structure, etc. I'll refer to this database file as "v2".

I now need to switch where the tables are pulling the data from, from Old to v2. I don't want anything else to change within my workbook if I can help it (ie. all formulas must continue to work and not get #Ref errors).

What's the most efficient way to do this? Is it even possible, and can I do it without building the tables all over again and then having to fiddle with finding all of the formula references and updating them to the new table?

If I do have to rebuild the tables and then update the formulas, can someone suggest an efficient and methodical way of doing it? I have a number of separate workbooks I'm going to need to migrate to v2.

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