I need a simple solution for my requirements without using VBA

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Dec 19, 2018
I have multiple excel workbook files with the same format, like

  • column A1:A2-" payer id "
  • column B1:B2-"payer name"
  • column C1:D1-"payments"
  • column C2-cash payment
  • column D2-Credit payment.
Each excel workbook gives different month payers & their payments. and the payers also repeated in the different month workbooks and new payers may also added in the consecutive months and previous payers may also not involved in the consecutive months(consecutive months means separate excel workbooks). Now finally what I want is, I want a new workbook which has unique payers (i.e not repeated) who are involved in the total 12-months and their cash payments total and credit payments total separately (i.e sum of 12 month cash & Credit payments separably like previous format. and the following details also I want please refer the attached image.


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Jul 15, 2016

Unfortunately there is no "simple" solution to this task, because your data is spread across many sheets and some of your requirements need formulas that would be complex on one sheet.

You could get closer to what you need if you can consolidate all of your data into one sheet then we would have a much better chance of helping you.

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