If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...


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I just found out. It shook me. to the core. Im not qualified to comment in any way. All I can say is Om & Rest In Peace.

He helped many people. And he did so Free. As it should be done . I know he has enabled many to progress in their skills and careers and lives.

So, to his parents, just thank you & you had a unique genius son who helped millions. indebted.
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Gerald Higgins

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Only just seen this, been away from MrExcel for a while.
Sincere condolences to Chip's family, I used Chip's site a little in the past, thank you very much to all involved in making sure it remains available in the future.

Michael M

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I always found Chips site to be an amazing resource for me...It is very sad that we have lost another legend in coding.....Do we have a Hall of Fame...if so, Chip needs to be in it !!!
Vale Chip Pearson


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Sad to read this, Chip's work helped me more times than I can remember and has definitely helped enhance my career - I'd be a poorer man without him. RIP Chip :(

Johnny C

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it was a tragedy that Chip passed away early in life.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Pearson, and Bill Jelen et al who made Chip's knowledge available to us all again.

Like everyone else, Chip's site explained to me how to do things or do them better. For someone like him to make their knowledge accessible and helpful to everyone for free shows true generosity of spirit.


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Wow.. This is a huge loss.
Chip's site is my goto reference for almost all my obstacles for over 10 years. I never met the man, but I am in tears.

My absolute deepest condolences to the Pearson family. Nothing but gratitude for the amazing wealth of knowledge that Chip shared. Biggest THANKS and hugs to the those making it possible for his site to continue to help people.


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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, my deepest condolences to you and your family!

I'm writing to you from Baku, Azerbaijan. I was very upset to know about your loss. Chip has always been my 'distant' teacher, although I'd never met him, nor had I communicated with him in person.
I'm sure his invaluable tips will help many other Excel developers like me in the future.
May his soul rest in peace!

Vüqar Quliyev
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearson,
Like many who wrote here, I, too, was helped by Chip's great VBA contributions over the years, he is truly one of the great pillars of the knowledge base we have on this subject, his legacy will live forever, continuously beating in the hearts of millions of computers around the world, making lives of millions of people better!
I send you my deep condolences,
Mor Sagmon, Israel

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