importing wanted xml by link


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Dec 4, 2009
I don't know much about xml, but I heard that by xml I can import data from web

Uhm.. what I want is someone who have time, wish and wiling to help me
I'll explain to him via PM
It's a little bit complicate, so I don't even know how to explain..

Arghh just ignore this thread, there is no hope for me :biggrin:

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How to calculate loan payments in Excel?
Use the PMT function: =PMT(5%/12,60,-25000) is for a $25,000 loan, 5% annual interest, 60 month loan.


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Dec 4, 2009
Thanks for your response
I didn't expect any answer so I'm late :biggrin:

I checked many pages and videos on youtube, but they all describe importing xml file

I will try to explain what am I seeking for

I have formula
H8=hyperlink(=HYPERLINK("" & G2 &"/"&G1&G8&G9&G10&G11)

ex of it

what I want is import that data from link to excel

After that I need to filter it, cause i only need is price and amount, its first and second number of this example

This is only one usage of it

What I want in the end is this
some how make it working for all links from this pdf
its not problem make formulas to make links, just I don't know how to import those data from links

Maybe its needed one button, on which click data will be imported, cause, as I think, xml wont know when to import data from link

I think that no body wont understand me :biggrin:

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