Mouseover Value Changes Affected by Points in a Chart?


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Sep 30, 2015
I know that mouseover value changes are possible through something like this:

Interactive Dashboard in Excel using Hyperlinks | - Learn Microsoft Excel Online

but it has left me wondering: Is it possible to do something similar with points on a graph instead of the hover arrow point? I'm not what one would call 'well-versed' in VBA, so my knowledge base is a little lacking, but I was wondering for the purposes of displaying point values as the mouse hovers over them. It would be more visible than the tiny display Excel normally raises for hover values on points, and would appear more promptly, and because of this the idea intrigues me. I'm attempting to make sheets that are as simple as possible to look at and understand (for what is essentially one of my many bosses) and something along these lines would be an immense aid and would be generally useful. If there is a simpler Non-VBA way to do something along these lines it would honestly be amazing, mostly due to the fact that my bosses do not have Macros enabled, nor do they know anything about them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, although I have a suspicion there is no way to actually due this to exactly the idea I'm envisioning in my head.

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