Print preview stretch one one page by height


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Jun 16, 2010
Hi I have a spreadsheet that fit to one page by width (Landscape). But that sheet fit one half page by width. I need to print that sheet to whole page is there any way I can stretch content by height. thanks

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Mister H

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Mar 6, 2002

Not sure that I get exactly what you are trying to do but if you want everything on one page and you have indicated that in your Page Setup then the only reason I can think of that it may not be printing on one page is that you might have a Print Area setup (wither on purpose or accidentally). Save a test copy of your spreadsheet and try this:

1) Make sure your Page Setup is set how you want it
2) Click on the box in the upper left corner (to the left of A and right above the 1 is a Blank square). This will select your whole sheet
3) Now select File\Print Area\Clear Print Area
4) IF you do not see Print Area under file you will need to hold your cursor over File for a couple of seconds and the option should appear.

If this doesn't get it working for you then post back with more detail :)

Good Luck,


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Jun 16, 2010
My print preview is some thing like that
this is not my print preview though. the this is I have set the print area only for table. But That does not fill gap for half page. I have tried fit to page leaving other tall empty.But excel do not fill other half page. I want this print out fit exactly to one page . Half empty page should fill with uper half with big fonts....

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