Query Connection Property - Refresh every 'n' minutes.


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May 26, 2008
I run an SPC chart with a power query created table that tests results against Nelson Rules. The samples runs fairly quickly, so I have the Refresh every set to 2 minutes during the day.

The refresh triggers a Worksheet_Change event that checks the timestamp of the most recent run, to the last run, and if they are not the same, it triggers events to FTP the chart image to a local intra-web where ops can see the results throughout the day on a monitor at the fixture station. (The macro also then records the value 'recent run timestamp' to the 'last run timestamp' for the subsequent refresh).

My question is on the Refresh every: I would like to change the 'n' for minutes so it can slow down at the lunch time break, maybe take it to "15" minutes. And then at EOD down to "60" (1 hour), and overnight to "360" (6 hour) until 6AM where it kicks back to 2 minutes.

I have had great success changing the Query Connection String (Definition Tab, Command Text) on the fly when I've done straight queries into the table and I need to bounce from fixture to fixture and different result types--but I don't see anything for the refresh rate when I dig around in the Watch Window. I didn't know if anyone had anything I wasn't seeing.

On another SPC workbook, I do just set the updating macro to run at distinct times throughout the day--like on the hour for control standards. But that seems really cumbersome considering the rate at which this particular sample runs, especially considering I can just have the query refresh itself.



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