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Sep 29, 2012
Hello, for several years I have been using salesforce office toolkit to query, create and update salesforce records through Excel vba. Although I have no background in any other coding languages, I have worked out the queries,updates, etc. With one exception - I cannot get subqueries working.

All of my child-to-parent queries work fine.
Example that works - "SELECT Id, FirstName, LastName, FROM Contact where like 'Acme%'"

However when I change it from child-to-parent to parent-to-child SalesForce returns an error saying that the object account is not supported - Example that fails - "Select id, name, (select id, firstname, lastname from contacts) from account where name like 'Acme%'"

This is the same for all object that I query. Child-to-parent queries work as expected, but parent-to-child subqueries always return the same error saying that the child object is not supported.
All available documentation that I can find, says that subqueries are supposed to work with the salesforce office toolkit. For me they do not.
These subqueries do work with third party add-ins, such as the Enabler for Excel, but not with VBA.

I cannot find any help on this subject in order to determine if I am doing something wrong or if subqueries simply do not work with VBA and the salesforce office toolkit.

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