System Error &H80004005 (-2147467259) suddenly an issue


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Jan 16, 2012
So I have been working on a large Excel VBA project and suddenly I am getting some fatal errors that prohibit running and saving. (Upon saving the system says it is out of memory, use 64-bit, etc, despite having plenty of memory and already 64bit). The problem is almost certainly ActiveX controls, specifically InkEdit since that is the only ActiveX control I am using. This assumption is also supported by the fact that the only two userforms I cannot export are the two that contain InkEdit and that the warning comes up twice after the ActiveX warning.

Speaking of which, previous to about 2 or 3 weeks ago, the ActiveX warning would pop up at different times, certainly whenever I'd run a macro in the project, but sometimes when editing. Now it always pops up upon the Workbook opening.

I added the InkEdits months ago and never hit this problem until this weekend. In fact, I haven't even been working with the two userforms in question and probably haven't run the section of the code that utilizes them for several weeks. And this problem, as noted, happens now upon opening before I can even run any code - right after ActiveX warning (I do not have any code set up for Workbook Open, Initialize or anything like that).

Additional information about the file and its current behavior:

The file is 6.7MB; I have about 10GB free (and testing on a different machine with same symptoms has 20GB free)

When run, Excel takes 78MB and total memory used is 37% for all programs and processes.

I have only one active Add-in: Adobe PDF; Safe mode had no effect.

Note, the program will open, give ActiveX warning, then two instances of the error in the post title. At that point I can go to any of the spreadsheets and type in a cell, however we I hit Enter, I get the error again followed by Compile Error: Out of memory. TM shows basically no change in resources used. It does however kick me to VBA and a specific line in my Public Declarations but not anything that was a problem previously. If I try to save, it will give more of the errors and then the "increase memory/use 64-bit" deal, and then allows me to try saving again. But this loop is endless and the file cannot be saved.

I can edit extensively within the VBA code without errors/warnings however, while I can edit the code on the two forms with InkEdits, I cannot view the userform objects (I can view all other userform objects). If I try to view the userforms in question, the same error happens followed by "Out of memory". Like I say, I haven't touched these forms/code for some time and they weren't a problem up to now.

My suspicion is that since I haven't really changed anything obviously related, Windows/Office perhaps has with an update. Or maybe somehow I am there IS an issue with memory for variables (though I am not sure how to check this). In any case, the question is, how do I fix the problem?

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There was issued in December Office Update breaks ActiveX controls | Excel Matters and also on here information about Active X, I didn't follow it as I don't use. Couldn't say if it is related. As for the 64bit, excel is in two flavours, might it be referring to a 64bit patch of operating system ?

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