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Jan 6, 2022
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This is my first post.

I'm not a massive Excel user, as I work in Architecture and Construction, however I have utilised Excel to do some clever things in the past and love what it can do with data.

I currently have a timeheets document, that I need to overhaul massively so I can extract key data quickly.

At the moment the timesheets is setup with the following headers which have filters placed on them.

DateStartFinishHoursProject #Project TitleDescription

The Project # column has data validation linked to another sheet within workbook, that auto populates the project title based on the selection in the Project # box.

The timesheets are generally completed with multiple entries per day, I don't always do 9-5, I also do freelance and other work, and time is split switching between projects, so the time switching between is logged accordingly so some days may look like this:


The time formatting is hh:mm.

What I need to be able to do is, filter a set number of days for example, most often a month range and obtain:

How many days worked [I cannot simply calculate this as from above I have multiple entries within one day]
Total number of hours worked in a day
Total number of hours worked for the filtered results
Total number of hours worked for each project

These figures will need to return values based on filtered data.

I have the following formula to calculate total number of hours which works OK in some cases, but I ran this today on hours worked in December and the figure is over twice the actual amount!


I've tried following numerous examples online, but it's still giving problems, plus I haven't even started with the other 2 problems.

I'd love some help on this, I guess I may be over complicating what is generally a simple document, however I'd really like to get this to work as a bespoke document as it is much better than using any template.

Many thanks in advance....

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Did you know Excel offers Filter by Selection?
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Hi - do you still need help with this?
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On the off-chance that you do, except for the filtered data point, is this broadly what you wanted?

I should point out that the subtotals use custom number formatting: [hh]:mm

204/02/2022Project A09:0009:1500:15Project A09:20
304/02/2022Project B10:0010:4500:45Project B06:50
404/02/2022Project C10:4513:0002:15Project C13:15SubTotal29:25
504/02/2022Project A13:1013:2000:10
604/02/2022Project A13:3014:1000:4004/02/202206:00
704/02/2022Project B15:0015:1000:1005/02/202200:15
804/02/2022Project C15:1517:0001:4506/02/202200:45
905/02/2022Project A09:0009:1500:1507/02/202202:15
1006/02/2022Project B10:0010:4500:4514/02/202203:50
1107/02/2022Project C10:4513:0002:1515/02/202204:10
1214/02/2022Project A13:1017:0003:5016/02/202205:10
1315/02/2022Project A10:0014:1004:1017/02/202207:00SubTotal29:25
1416/02/2022Project B10:0015:1005:10
1517/02/2022Project C10:0017:0007:00
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