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Nov 4, 2020
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I've been given a project to work on and I have got no idea where to start so hoping someone can give me some ideas to get the ball rolling! Sorry if this all makes no sense, I haven't gotten my head around it properly.

I work for a recruitment agency, and our compliance team wants to be able to track how long it is taking for people to be made fit to work from the time they are flagged as needing to be worked on. Unfortunately, the CRM we use doesn't do this. On individuals profiles there is an audit log where you can see if someone has changed their compliance status, but this isn't exportable.

From the looks of it, I will on a daily basis need to do a full download of everyone in the system and compare it to the previous days to look for any changes. I'll then need a 3rd version which is a tally of all the downloads so far.
The download from the system will just be Worker Code, Consultant, Compliance officer and Compliance Status

2 issues I'm having is;
1) Our database has almost 100,000 records so I can't keep adding downloads to the sheet, I need to have each profile mentioned as few a times as possible
2) The compliance process isn't one way. The status' go from "Inactive" to "Uncompliant" to "Fit To Work". As people's documents expiry they'll move from backwards from "Fit To Work" to "Uncompliant".

My current line of thinking is that on my today's download tab I'll VLOOKUP to the previous day, if it matches then I'm +1 if it changes then 0
My summary tab would then have columns for each status, 1 as values and 1 as a formula which is the values plus the lookup on todays tab. Each day I then copy and paste as values the formula over the values to keep an on going tally
I would need to add an if condition to my today tabs formula that if todays status is Uncompliant and yesterday was Fit to work then reset my counter so that it's not being added to the time it took last time (I would do this by saying if this is the case then instead of +1/0, vlookup to my summary value and make it -x so that my formula tally becomes 0)

Assuming I have made any sense at all.. Thoughts/suggestions for improvement?
I'm going to give the above a try with some fake data, so if I have just confused everyone I will try and repost later in the week with some examples I can upload

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May 20, 2004
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if i was implementing this project, i would have a master list in excel with the info needed for each person, then i would use VBA to read the following days files (without importing) and log changes in your sheet with all the names. each day changes are logged so after time you will have a complete picture of how your clients are performing. the excel would execute quickly if your clients have an ID number assigned in the source database. using any sort of lookup with 100K lines will be very slow and produce a large workbook. One of many possible solutions :)

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