VBA, Chinese character error


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Jan 24, 2019
I have a spreadsheet with a list of Chinese names, and a macro to read all those names into a array.
Most of the names worked fine, but there is one name contains the character 袝, and it become ? in the array.
I'm guessing that it contains some special character in the unicode.
Could somebody please be so kind and teach me how could I escape those special characters and read it correctly!?
Much appreciated!!!


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Jun 7, 2011
Where did you see the "?"? In the debug window?

I put "劉明袝" in A1 and ran the following macro.

Sub test55()

Dim arr(0 To 2) As Variant

arr(0) = Sheets(2).Range("a1")
Sheets(2).Range("B1") = arr(0)

arr(1) = Sheets(2).Range("a2")
Sheets(2).Range("B2") = arr(1)

arr(2) = Sheets(2).Range("A3")
Sheets(2).Range("B3") = arr(2)

Sheets(2).Range("B4") = "天天吃飯看報"

End Sub
Though in the Debug window, arr(0) was shown as "劉明?", B1 actually contained "劉明袝". I then put the following three strings in A1 to A3 and ran the macro. Again, in the Debug window, all three "袝" were displayed as "?" but in B1 to B3, they all showed up correctly.

Some people claim VBA editor doesn't support Unicode. My example above (especially the line right above "End Sub") proves it does. Well, in the Control Panel in Windows, you can set up non-Unicode programs to support Unicode.


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