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Thread: Width of several columns alignment

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    Default Width of several columns alignment

    I have a template of which i use for invoices.
    I have made some alterations to the columns & what are in the cells but now my overall width is larger so when i preview it then you can see some is cut off etc.

    I use the same template for another company of which this hasnt been altered.
    So my question is lets say this template consist of columns G to P and say 300mm width on screen "this figure is made up as not sure what its measured with" When printed this is perfect.

    Now with my altered template of which is also columns G to P is now say 385mm width i would like to set it at the same 300mm as the other so i can then resize / move about the columns H I J K L M N O etc so it then looks perfect and me knowing all the time the overall width will be 300mm so it also prints perfect.

    Please can you advise.
    Have a nice day
    I have learning difficulties so please be patient if i'm slow on the uptake,Thanks Very Much...

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    Default Re: Width of several columns alignment

    if you set the page print width to 1 then the print out should scale, also set narrow margins
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