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Thread: Excel Formula
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    Default Excel Formula

    Hi everyone,

    i need a little help for below ...

    Example -
    in this below chart i need to find the Sum of 202 Qty
    so if i am select this manually it should be this bolted figures...
    but anyone know the any formula in excel to find out the answer..

    item_type item_code rcpt_qty
    WASHING1 WAS000000 82.60
    WASHING1 WAS000000 116.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 86.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 101.40
    WASHING1 WAS000000 17.60
    WASHING1 WAS000000 119.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 88.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 70.40
    WASHING1 WAS000000 118.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 350.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 144.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 33.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 81.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 65.00
    WASHING1 WAS000000 25.00

    my actual chart have more than 200 raw.

    so it is very difficult to find those figures manually...

    could you please help me to sort out this....

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    Default Re: Excel Formula

    Sum should be visible in your status bar
    - status bar is the panel immediately below sheet tabs
    - Sum value in status bar is the sum of all selected cells

    If Sum is not visible on the status bar ...
    - right-click on status bar \ scroll down \ click on Sum to change staus to visible
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