I am trying to figure out how to continuously pull data from multiple excel files, but not allow excel/query to change manually edited values back to source values
I have June, July, August files. I pull these files from folder
Sample data is

7/1/2019 Zone#3 6:00 11:30
7/1/2019 Zone#1 7:00 5:30
8/1/2019 Zone#1 9:30 7:30
8/1/2019 Zone#3 1:00 4:30
6/1/2019 Zone#1 4:30 7:00
6/1/2019 Zone#2 5:30 9:30

As you see some times are reversed, hence any calculations going from there are wrong.
Thus I go ahead and correct these times. But after refresh these time are wrong again.
I know I could go to every source file, but it is really time consuming to do this, as there are many records in one months and there are many months as well.
So I am wondering if I can fixate manual changes in query file, so they do not get changed again
For instance, it could be not allowing any updates to current records or allowing only new files to be processed. Not sure what are capabilities of Excel query or potential work-arounds.