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Thread: VBA auto refresh cell value in userform - textbox.
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    Default VBA auto refresh cell value in userform - textbox.

    I created a form whose value could be edited via userform.
    in same userform, there is a cell that shows the result of that calculation.

    how to make it dynamic?

    HTML Code:
    'Diğer değişkenler için burayı planladımPrivate Sub tbBINR_Change()    Select Case tbBINR        Case "<1,7"            X = 1        Case "1,7 - 2,2"            X = 2        Case ">2,2"            X = 3    End Select    Sheets("Kimlik").Range("D7") = XEnd SubPrivate Sub tbBAlb_Change()''nin eklediği değiştirme kodu    Select Case tbBAlb        Case ">3,5 g/dl"            X = 1        Case "2,8 - 3,5 g/dl"            X = 2        Case "<2,8 g/dl"            X = 3    End Select    Sheets("Kimlik").Range("F7") = XEnd SubPrivate Sub tbBAssit_Change()    Select Case tbBassit        Case "YOK"            X = 1        Case "Hafifçe VAR"            X = 2        Case "Belirgin ***İT VAR"            X = 3    End Select    Sheets("Kimlik").Range("H7") = XEnd SubPrivate Sub tbBHE_Change()    Select Case tbBHE        Case "YOK"            X = 1        Case "Hafifçe VAR"            X = 2        Case "Belirgin H.E VAR"            X = 3    End Select    Sheets("Kimlik").Range("F9") = XEnd SubPrivate Sub tbBBil_Change()    Select Case tbBbil        Case "<2 mg/dl"            X = 1        Case "2-3 mg/dl"            X = 2        Case ">3 mg/dl"            X = 3    End Select    Sheets("Kimlik").Range("D9") = XEnd Sub
    result of these items will be shown in tbCPS,

    HTML Code:
    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    Me.tbCPS.Text = CStr(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Kimlik").Range("B7").Value)
    end sub
    just works when I open userform for the first time.

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    Default Re: VBA auto refresh cell value in userform - textbox.

    see if linking the control to the range will do what you want

    replace your Initialize event code with following

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
        Me.tbCPS.ControlSource = CStr(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Kimlik").Range("B7").Address)
    End Sub
    Note: The controlsource property works both ways. The cells value displays in the textBox, but the textBox value also writes to the cell – You should Lock the textbox if you do not want users to write data from textbox to cell.


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