I need to sort the totals that result from a count of data in the second column in a pivot table. When I right-click on the column header for the column of data whose totals I need sorted and choose Field Settings, Advanced, Decending, the data in the column itself (names of Sales-people) sorts alphabetically. But I need to sort the totals for the data, not the names that are in the actual column. For example; In the pivot table, column A2 is a list of Customer Names. B2 contains a list of Sales-people for each Customer (5 or 6 per Customer). In the source data, each Sales-person's name is listed multiple times for each Customer. For each Customer, the pivot table counts the number of times each Sales-person is listed. The totals appear in C2. So... at each change in Customer name, I need the totals of the Sales-people to sort and then sort the totals for the Sales-people under the next Customer name, etc... Of course, it's possible to sort the subgroups of Sale-people totals individually, but I can't really do this because I have over 600 Customer names and I don't get paid for overtime. Any help is appreciated.