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Thread: Excel 2007 Data Bars

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    Default Excel 2007 Data Bars

    I'm creating a dashboard report using the new Data Bars options under conditional formatting of Excel 2007.

    I already have one set of data bars created on data that ranges from 2 up to 320.

    I now want to add another set of data bars to a different set of data with a much smaller number range (10 to 55).

    Both data sets will increase week on week, but the maximum number in the second data set will always be about 5 or 6 times less than the maximum value in the first data set.

    Is there any way - using the data bars - to display the length of the bar so that it relates to the length of the bars in the first data set? In other words, a value of 50 in both data sets will have a data bar of the same length?

    I've figured out a way to do it by rearranging my data so that I had the figures for both data sets in the same column and just creating a single range with the data bars conditional formating. Simples!
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