Here's the situation. I will be importing data from and Oracle database. To simplify it , I'll say, First name, last name, street address. I would like to (in excel) simulate a drawing of a street. This isn't to hard. The problem is... I need to merge all the data into one cell and place it in a specific cell.

For instance, house number 1200 is in cell D7, house number 1450 is in cell E8.

I'm pretty sure I can import the data and get it all to appear in one cell. The problem is I don't know how to locate that cell to the place I need it one the map. The information that appears would be updated constantly, so for instance. While number house number 1200 (D7) would always go to the same place, only occasionally will people live there and the cell need to be populated.

Any insight or information you could provide me would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time.