1. C

    Is .xls sufficient for old format saves?

    Hi, all. I just got upgraded to MSOffice 2007 and mostly it's fine, with the usual bugs that come with such moves. However, one of my duties is to upload an .xls file to a website for display. The last time I did this with 2003 it worked just fine, but the first time I did it w/ 2007 it did...
  2. S

    VBA Challenge - my programming skills are rusty!

    I need to extract data from a directory called: C:\2010 Performance Review here's the parameters... 1. There are an unknown number of files in the directory. 2. The files have unknown names. 3. The files - have the same structure as far as sheet names etc... (it's just the names that are...
  3. N

    2003 VBA code to open Excel 2007 workbook?

    I have a workbook made in Excel 2003 and wrote VBA code to open a predefined directory containing approx. 20 woorkbooks, code then goes to a specific sheet in each workbook and copies a range of cells (range varies) to this new workbook. In this new workbook I then merge all those copied...
  4. M

    Password Protect Worksheets/Tabs

    I have an Excel 2007 document with various worksheets/tabs, several of which I would like hidden and password protected. I do want to present 2 tabs to the user, but hide the rest. Is there a way to hide tabs and create a password to view (or un-hide) the tabs? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  5. L

    Custom Toolbars and Add-Ins WITHOUT VBA or XML in 2007

    I have only very VERY basic knowledge of VBA, and none of XML. I had a custom toolbar in Excel 2003, with button images I'd created myself, linked to macros I'd created. I'm trying to achieve this in 2007. I've successfully got my macros into my 2007 "PERSONAL.XLSB" workbook (by simply copying...
  6. S

    Insert Picture from web 2007

    Need VBA help for inserting a web generated picture: The link for the picture is: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=100x100&chl=TestQRCode (GoogleCharts API generating a QRCODE) In Excel 2007 I can use the menus to insert picture and paste this link in the file name dialog and a...
  7. T

    Go directly to linked data in Excel 2007

    Hi there In old Excel if I click on a link or use ctrl+[ I could go directly to the linked cell in the external spreadsheet, but in Excel 2007 all it does is open the workbook in the place it was last saved. Does anyone know how can I get Excel 2007 to go directly to the linked cell?
  8. S

    How do I make WorkBooks.Add create an Excel 2007 workbook

    Hello all, In an Excel 2007 workbook, I have the following code: Dim sheet As Worksheet Set sheet = WorkBooks.Add Reference is set to Office 12 This creates an Excel 2003 file with 65,000+ rows and 256 columns. I need it to create an Excel 2007 file because the data exceeds 70,000 rows. How...
  9. LearningOnTheFly

    How do I Assign a Numeric Value to Combo Box Selections that are a Text DataType??

    Hello everyone! Help! I have created combo boxes in several tables in which I need to assign a numerical value to each option chosen so I can calculate a numerical “score” based upon what each user has selected. For example: Not Applicable = 0 Introduced = 1 Emphasized = 2 And so...
  10. Grizlore

    Excel 2007 - Changing Highlight/Selecting/Grouping colours

    Hi In Excel 2007, the differences between the colours of highlighted cell (and Worksheets) is so slight that even my 20/20 vision has trouble noticing the differences. Selecting/Grouping sheets has virtually no distinction at all. Is there a way round this? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  11. G

    Using OpenText(.... problems with formating

    Hi, I am using the OpenText method to open a .csv file. I have added a column that has values like "05" "05,06" "06" "" etc. I need excel to see the values as CHARACTER/STRING, not as numbers. When I look at the value, it has been converted to 5,0000000000 5,0599999999 6,0000000000 How can...
  12. 3

    Have both Excel 2003/2007.. how to open all files in 2007 by default?

    Hello, fellow Excel nerd here experiencing an issue I can't quite get around. I use Excel 2007 on my workstation at my job pretty extensively, it also has 2003 installed on it. Never had any issues with either. My xls files always used to open with 2007 by default which is what I preferred, but...
  13. L

    This is how to disable the 2007 Ribbon

    Thought this might help some people. I was looking for a way to eliminate the 2007 ribbon using VBA. Unfortunately, you have to use UI editor (http://openxmldeveloper.org/articles/customuieditor.aspx) as well as some VBA. To do so, type the following vba into a module Option Explicit...
  14. M

    Multiple Excel 2007 files not able to link when not opened in same instance of excel

    I have a template file containing a macros that work wonderfully with extracting data from a spreadsheet received from a daily dump. This process woked wonderfully in Excel 2003 until I upgraded to Excel 2007. Now when I open windows explorer and navigate to my files as I would normally the data...
  15. B

    Password protected sheet issues

    I just ran into this issue now using excel 2007 and don't recall it being an issue with 2003. I have a protected worksheet and when I tab over a few cells and hit enter it takes me down one cell rather than to one cell down but in the same column as before. i.e. Before in 2003 if I started in A1...
  16. D

    Can anyone speed up this code (looping on Excel 2007)

    Hi all I have the following code which puts a 1 or a 0 in cells depending on the colour of the text in a corresponding cell. On Excel 2000, this takes about 20 seconds to complete which is fine, but on 2007, it takes 2-3 minutes. Is there any way I can speed this up, or maybe run modified...
  17. C

    Charts are duplicated up Save

    My co-worker experienced this issue a few weeks ago and now I have experienced the issue in one of my spreadsheets. Background: - My excel file has numerous worksheet tabs containing weekly data. There are formulas and values in each of the tabs. - I have one tab that contains summary data and...
  18. M

    Book for Excel 2007 Pivot table / Pivot Chart 'power-users'?

    Hello everyone, There are a ton of books available but I am looking for an Excel 2007 pivot table and Excel 2007 pivot chart 'power-user' book. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you.
  19. D

    Slow calculating in Excel 2003? What's the cause?

    Hello, I've created a file in XL 2003 and then did most of the editing in 2007, now when I open it again in 2003 it takes ages recalculating the cells on one particular sheet, but it is fine if opened in 2007. I'm trying to work out which element of the file could be causing the problem so...
  20. Yard

    2007 FormatConditions and FormatCondition objects

    Hi all, Frustrated with the ridiculous XL2007 propagation of conditional formats when users are copying & pasting cells, I thought I'd construct a CF auditing routing which would identify any CFs in a given range which apply to only one cell (it was a reasonable starting point given their...

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