1. P

    Include cell in formula only if it DOES NOT ITSELF contain a formula

    Hello all. I'm brand new so please excuse any errors. I'm using 2007 for Windows. I have a range of cells containing measurements that I want to take the AVERAGE(...) difference of. However, I miss measurements sometimes, so some of those cells are actual verified measurements that I took, and...
  2. A

    vba code in 365 gives error 13 in Excel 2007

    My Dear Learned Friends. Can any help be forthcoming with 2 problems I have. The first is that when the workbook is opened, no worksheet Tabs are visible. I have checked in the advanced section of the application, and tabs is selected. problem 2 follows The following code runs fine on "365" but...
  3. B

    Using vba excel to find triplets with an exact difference

    HI5 folks, i wish to find triplets of numbers with the difference of 11 within each row/line in the excel spreedsheet. three any numbers (x,y,z) whose difference is 11 , in other words z-y=11 , y-x=11. I use excel 2007. I tried it by using this code below: Sub FIND1()...
  4. W

    Mortgage game calculator

    Here I have 3 pictures of a worksheet I'd like to create. The worksheet is on house mortgages I'm supposedly buying. I want to be able to delete them and put them in and have the ease of starting each one by buying and selling property at different months in the year period. Month 1: Imgur...
  5. E

    Series Titles (Legends) on pivot chart won't update after edit

    Have a pivot chart with some series titles in the legend that I want to change. I click on the series, go to Analyze in the Pivot Chart tools, go into the Active Field and edit the name. One series works just fine, but the other one won't keep the edited name. It just reverts to the original...
  6. S

    Excel 2007 Save As PDF Macro

    Hi I recently created a macro in Office 365 to save as a PDF, here's the code: But it doesn't seem to work in Excel 2007. Please help.
  7. andrewb90

    Verify excel Version upon opening or closing

    Hello all, Is there any way to add something to my opening or closing code that would check what version of excel is being used? I have a number of features that won't work with Excel 2003 or below, and they are critical features, so I just don't want the workbook to be used in Excel that's...
  8. R

    Macro / VBA to validate cells and write errors to a seperate errors sheet

    Hi, I'm trying to create a macro that runs loads of validations on a data sheet/template we receive. (there are a lot more than is currently in my code below) When it finds an issue the macro formats the fill of the cell to red and then it needs to write the issue to an error report in a new...
  9. B

    Headers won't update in 2007 Excel workbook

    I have a workbook created w Excel 2007, has about 50 sheets, half of which are charts based on the data in the other sheets. Every time I update the data, I need to change the sheet headers. The headers are all the same: "Quarterly Monitor Through month, day" All I need to do is change that...
  10. L

    Code Review Request

    Good Morning/Afternoon All This is my first post, My name is Jorge, but call me George, I work as a Controls Engineer at an Automotive Parts Supplier in Mexico. Straight to the point. I have a heavily scripted Excel File that serves as a Database for a client, i would like to ask somebody...
  11. B

    Problem printing multiple sheets to one PDF file

    Using Excel 2007 in Windows 10, but had the same problem in Vista. Have a workbook with about 50 sheets, half are data sheets, half are charts based on the data. To print only the charts, I hide all data sheets, right-click on a chart sheet and select all sheets. In print preview, I see 68...
  12. G

    Excel compatibility issue 2013 vs 2007

    I have a file that has been sent to me by a third party that was created in Excel 2013. I have 2007 as our standard issue at work. The file has been sent to me in both xlsx and xlsm form. In both cases, the file opens fine in 2007 but in the case of 3 tabs only, just the act of selecting any...
  13. D

    Excel 365 Pro-Plus performance issues

    Excel Performance Issues Microsoft Excel regularly crashes when working in large workbooks(although this appears to happen in normal sized workbooks) with the Error Message: 'There isn't enough memory to complete this action. Try using less data or closing other applications. To increase memory...
  14. D

    Upgrading from Office 2007 to 365 (Pro-Plus) Excel - disconnected sources

    My company is currently upgrading from excel 2007 to 365 Pro-Plus(current version 2013) and we are running into quite a few issues regarding lookups and linked spreadsheets. Excel Spreadsheet refreshing data from disconnected sources Users regularly email spreadsheets that use external data...
  15. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi All, Please help me about conditional formatting, suppose I will type an exact word or value "TEST" in cell B2. Is there a way after typing the word "TEST" in cell B2 the cells from A2 to F2 will change to my desired fill color? I know there's a way out here please help. I am using MS...
  16. S

    Excel 2007 (I know) Conditional Formating

    I still have 2007 and am trying to use a formula to pull a match from another worksheet but 2007 will not allow "AnotherWorksheet!" Is there way like Vlookup or Match that I can use to look at worksheet 2 for a match and if so highlight cell in worksheet 1? Thanks, Steve
  17. R

    formula to get the answer in the table

    Hi guys! I badly need you help, I'm trying to put some IF statement to get answer but its TOO MANY "If" statement. I wonder if there is a way to get the answer, To get the answer you must consider the 3 factors. WORK HOURS, CLOCK TIME(1:00 to 11:00 for the 1st shift and 12:00 to 0:00(or...
  18. J

    Disperse Data from Single Excel 2007 Workbook to Multiple Workbooks

    Hi all, Just looking for some macro/developer help for Excel 2007. Basically, I have one database workbook, and I want to disperse the data to various other workbooks as efficiently as possible. I’ve searched for an answer but all I can seem to find is "How to merge data from multiple Excel...
  19. InaCell

    2007 image on chart problem

    Hi I'm using Excel 2007. I have a simulated vehicle dashboard in a chart that uses telemetry data to operate a tachometer and speedometer. I put a logo image onto the chart dial face for asthetics. Now I can't see the needle at all positions as the image covers it. I have tried making...
  20. A

    MS Query, Join 2 data sources using partial match

    (Excel 2007) I've been trying to track down the exact way to do this, and I just can't seem to get it. So stop me if I'm doing this all wrong. I have a ODBC data source which consists of a lot of manufacturing BOMs (Bill of Materials), now a customer wants us to make a list of all their boms by...

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