1. G

    Advice for Excel integration

    Hi, I’ve started to work on a product that will have a deep integration with Excel with the following requirements. Installation: A one-time installation of the Add-on across all Excel files on a user's machine. Tracking: The Add-on should adeptly track all user interactions within the...
  2. B

    XLAM Add-In with Embedded XLS - best practices...

    I have an XLAM with an embedded XLS where users store their preferences that are used in the sheet. Everyone who uses the xlam will have their own values in that sheet. When I release a new version of the XLAM with new features or fixes, i'd like to not overwrite this. What i was thinking...
  3. B

    Do macros outside of an add-in interact with the add-in?

    Hi, I made both a macro and an add-in which are totally different from eachother and have no connections whatsoever. When I run the macro without the add-in activated it runs within 5-7 seconds and when I run it with the add-in activated it can take up to 50 seconds even though its not calling...
  4. S

    customer DLL; run-time error 53

    Dear Mr.Excel; I have the following fragment in my Add-in (written with VBA7.1): Option Explicit Public Declare PtrSafe Sub mysubTst Lib "mylibTst.dll" () Public Sub Tst() mysubTst End Sub it behaves as expected under Windows ver.10.0.19045 with XL 2307(16626.20134) but fails with RTErr 53...
  5. M

    Cannot run macro using customUI Ribbon buttons

    I have a workbook add-in saved as 'Generate Report.xlam' that I want to automatically generate reports. I have all of the code for that in the UserForm objects. I have managed to get this setup working with a customUI RIbbon and buttons that call subs in the ThisWorkbook object which open the...
  6. B

    Why is my Macro slower when I have an add-in installed, even though they dont interact

    Hi, So I have this macro which normally runs in about 10 seconds but with my self-made add-in installed it takes about 4 times longer even though the two have nothing to do with eachother. Also I turned off events, screenupdating etc. Is this a known thing and what can I do to solve this...
  7. B

    How to overwrite the currently used add-in with a newer version of itself

    Hi everyone, I got most of my question in place, the add-in checks if there is a newer version and will get that newer version from the server if needed. The only thing I am struggling now is to replace the older add-in with the newer add-in while the names of both add-ins stay the same. So at...
  8. R

    How to create an Add-in which colleagues can install giving a custom ribbon?

    Hi I would be really grateful if someone could give me either high-level or detail steps on achieving the following: --- I want to create a file (which I am thinking will be an add-in), that my colleagues can import into their Excel, and when they do, they get a custom ribbon which has the...
  9. L

    Send message pop up on another computer via Lan network from Excel

    Hello guys, I have a question about how to send message pop up to another computer via Lan network from excel. I can not figure out the solution. Just found the way to send email. But I would like to send message pop up via any suitable softwares using Lan network (e.g. Stickies software)...
  10. JenniferMurphy

    How to assign add-in code to a control button

    I have been testing a macro that I have assigned to a Button control in an .xlsm workbook. Now that OI have it working, I'd like to move it to an add-in module to other workbooks can use it. But once I move it to the add-in module, where I have lots of UDFs, the Assign Macro dialog doesn't offer...
  11. C

    VBA Code Works in

    Hello All! I'm attempting to copy several workbooks in a folder into one workbook. The code works when the spreadsheet is saved as a .xlsm. However, when I save the exact same code as Excel Add-ins, I continually get the following error: Run-time error '1004'": Copy method of Worksheet class...
  12. M

    Macro to populate username and password in 3rd party add-in pop up

    Hi All I use a 3rd party add-in in Excel and every time I start Excel, I have to manually add the password etc. I tried recording the process but the macro recorder does not recognise the login pop up. Is there any way I can do this so I can create a shortcut button that will launch the add-in...
  13. pedrowave

    New Rolling Calendar Control

    In old versions of Excel there was an add-in for a DatePicker Calendar Control that allowed dates to be entered into a cell from a monthly calendar. New versions of Excel don't include a DatePicker add-in out of the box, so add-ins have been developed by third parties to fix its absence, and...
  14. C

    How to modify code to update multiple workbook files which has the same format but different data?

    Hello excel programmers. I don't know if you can help me. Yet again, if you are comfortable to view the files below for testing. This is my concerned. I have a code for each of my workbook files below. (I have over 100 workbooks which has the same codes and excel layout, but different data)...
  15. M

    Add in troubles

    Hello, I have a very nasty problem with Excel. Excel adds a path to the function, i.e.: ='C:\Users\Me\Documents\water97_v13.xla'!tSatW(10) But than this gives a #NAME? error. When I manually remove the path, i.e.: =tSatW(10) Than the function works fine. I could manually remove all the...
  16. E

    Help me calculate the formulas for Data Analysis add-in

    Hi Guys, I have a big favour to ask. Within excel there is an add-in called “Data Analysis”, Which can do “Regression” I am able to get the Coefficients using the following formula as an array (if the ranges are set to be the independent and depend variable data)...
  17. glfiedler

    Userform in add-in must be clicked before it is "active"

    I have created an add-in that functions perfectly except for one annoying thing. The add-in creates a new workbook by copying the add-in's first sheet. This new workbook is then populated with data from an archived workbook that the add-in has opened. This works well and I can watch the data...
  18. MrDB4Excel

    Sequence Function

    I am not sure this forum is the right place to ask about this. I use Excel 2013 and have been looking for a downloadable add-in of the sequence function. Is there such an add-in? If so where can it be found?
  19. bfreescott

    Docking Station affecting add-ins?

    Hi all I have a client that uses a network-installed add-in. Several others use the same network-installed add-in without issue, but everyone works from a desktop that never gets disconnected from the network. Could undocking a laptop from the network break the link to the add-in? I have not...
  20. spacecaptainsuperguy

    very hidden sheets add-in

    Hi everyone, I used to have an excel add-in that had a form that allowed me to select multiple sheets from within that spreadsheet and select whether to hide, unhide or make very hidden the selected sheets. I recently upgraded my machine and office and that old add-in no longer works. I've...

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