1. A

    Help Using VBA To Create A Workbook Containing VBA

    Hi All, forum newbie looking for some advice.... In simple terms: I have an Excel workbook ("report creation tool") which uses VBA to create multiple new workbooks and email each outputted workbook to a recipient. I want to add a button into each of the outputted workbooks which runs a macro...
  2. ibmy

    Mark "1", Range of ±0.00001 & custom ±0.0000x value

    Hi, ABCDE1± 0.00001explaination : ± Custom (in this case ± 0.00005)explaination : 21.22122Valid Numbers : 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123Valid Numbers : 1.22117 , 1.22118 , 1.22119 , 1.22120 , 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123 , 1.22124 , 1.22125 , 1.22126 , 1.2212731.22127RESET. New Valid Numbers ...
  3. M

    value mapping and assign names based on the cell value-vba

    In sheet 1 of the workbook, have table like below Class Creater Assigne Python Johny Sheela Cloud Dan Angela Microsoft Manny Andrea Embedded Mala scotty Pearl Dan Angela Flash Johny Sheela In Sheet 1 of the another workbook B , in a same folder...
  4. M

    cell value mapping to another cell from sheet in VBA

    Names Output Arul CS Mala CS Shan CS Selv SW Mani SW Muthu SW I need to find the count of Column A .Examples Column A have count of 6 in worksheet. I need to divide the count of column A and assisgn the work between two names based on the another sheet Assisgn CS SW...
  5. Z

    macros and slicers

    hello, i would like to know if i can assign a macro to excel slicer or not and if yes how. the reason is i need to change value based on selection of slicer like from quantity to amount or percentage.
  6. G

    Assign Procedure/s to VB editor toolbar commands

    Hello, Is that possible to assign macro procedure to a toolbar control (within the VB editor not on Worksheet)? Thanks, Giorgi
  7. C

    Assigning work to people by day

    Good afternoon, I download a spreadsheet once a month that contains workorders for a given department. The workorders are divided up by responsibility and by the activity code. We then assign the correct employee and shift to the workorder (manually right now). In Power query I have the table...
  8. Y

    Randomly assign x number of students to x number of workshops where students do not meet the same co-student

    Dear all I'm familiar with basic Excel functions but when it somes to solving this specific need I dont have a clue of how to fix it. I have search the internet and I have found plenty of examples where I can assign people on a list to a number of groups. But I need a twist to that :-) I have...
  9. J

    Assign numerical points based on dropdown text values?

    Hi! I would like to create a point systems where I assign different points based on yes or no answers through a dropdown, i.e. Question 1: Yes = 2 No = 0 Question 2: Yes = -1 No = 0 etc... How can I do that? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. N

    Extracting/transposing data from a delimited text string

    Hi all - I have a delimited string of numbers/letters in one cell that I am trying to transpose into another set of cells(the string could be something like "A, B, 179, C") Normally I would just use the split function in VBA, break this into an array and assign each cell I want to insert into...
  11. R

    Letter in a Formula

    Hi, I copied a formula and transfer it to my worksheet. However, it returns an "N/A" unlike from where I copied it from is working. Below is the formula =(1+F7/k)^(k/p)-1 May I know how is it possible to use "k" and "p" in a formula? Do I need to assign a value to them?
  12. sparky2205

    VBA to change tab colour using the palette

    Hi folks, I'm trying to write a macro to allow users to change the colour of a selected tab on a protected worksheet. My plan: • Use an input box to get the tab name from the user and assign it to a variable • Present the user with the colour palette to select the colour (standard or custom) and...
  13. P

    Loop until empty

    Hello, I have a list in column A in an Excel workbook called "Pipe Sizes". I want workbook "template" to read A2 and assign "job no" to value in A2. Run "start" macro. At end of "start" macro, assign "job no" to value in A3 and run "start" macro. So on so forth until it hits an empty cell...
  14. C

    VBA Employee Time Punch

    Hi all, I am trying to develop a time punch userform where my people only need to click the buttons to log in and out. And I want to track it daily. My work is in progress. Please see attached 3 sheets. And now I am so stuck...
  15. I

    From Personal.xlsb, set .onaction macro to a macro in a worksheet in a differert workbook.

    From personal.xlsb, I am trying to create a button in the calling workbook and assign a macro that exists in one of the worksheet in the calling workbook. All of the combinations I have don't produce a macro that is correctly defined. I thought this was going to work since this is exactly how...
  16. K

    Beginner help - making class assignment

    Hi, I feel there should be a way to automate this, I'm just not seeing it. I have a list of participants, each have chosen 5 out of 8 possible classes. Classes are offered multiple times over 2 days, 4 classes at a time. I have the class times and schedule. My goal is to assign 'students' to...
  17. B

    Assign Code to Numbers

    I have an excel Sheet with Column A containing the ANSZIC Code - Ranging from 0 to 9999 There are millions of records and i wanna a assign a code to classify these Numbers as Follows Ex For Numbers FROM 0-529 it must be assigned A, and like wise <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 0 – 529...
  18. E

    macro to copy sheet with button and macro

    Hi I have a macro that is used to loop and copy a worksheet to another new workbook and name it as a different name. The problem is that the worksheet I am copying contains "buttons" with "assign macro" inside. So when I copy to a new workbook and save it as a different name the macro is not...
  19. J

    Macro assigned to bottom

    Have a bottom in my workbook. I want to identify which macro has been assigned to the bottom. I right click it and say assign macro....however this is not the macro which is assigned to the buttom...
  20. A

    Random value assign with weightage

    I have a sample size of 30. I need an excel function in which I can assign " Random Values " (say a question has 4 options and need to assign 1 to 4 randomly) based on the weight to each individual from the sample. Means Option 1: 45% Option 2: 12% Option 3: 30%...

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