1. M

    Meeting attendance overall quoracy

    Hi I have a meeting I would like to ensure has all the required specialties in attendance to ensure the meeting is quorate to make decisions. So for example the meeting must have 2 surgeons, 1 nurse & 1 radiologist in attendance to be quorate (able to function). To check if each specialty is...
  2. T

    Which funtion, or VBA?

    Okay, I am beginner/intermediate Excel user for work. Working with Excel 2010. I have a thought process in my head for what I want to happen, but cannot figure out how to execute it. I am tracking employee attendance over a 12 month rolling calendar. Here is my spreadsheet; Basically I have...
  3. P

    averaging months

    I have a situation where i have 12 months in a row acroos my worksheet.( Jan-Dec), and i have 6 catgories with total number of students that attend across the top. each month has 4 dates. so what you have is each month they meet weekly and i have a attendance number. I another place on the...
  4. N

    Countif Month for Attendance Sheet

    I am making an attendance sheet to count the number of times a person is present in a certain month. (url to photo of sheet attached) Column A is Dates, and Columns C-D lists "yes" if present on that date and "no" if not present on that date. Column G lists months (Feb, Mar, April..), and in...
  5. K

    Mutiple Search match count Criteria

    I have two sheets named, "Attendance Register" which contains Student Name, RollNo, Class, and attendance status (Present, Absent, Sick) date wise Second Sheet "Summary" i want to count whatever date i entered the cell F2, it show go and check in "attendance register sheet" and count how many...
  6. L

    Nestled IF with COUNTIFS question

    Hi all, my first query. I always lurk on this forum for help on things but this time my googling skills have failed me so I just had to suck it up and make an account. :biggrin: A little about me and my motivations: Over the past 10 months I have been upskilling myself. I am a novice in...
  7. G

    Privacy sheet tabs

    I have a questions I hope you can help with. I have an attendance time card in excel for a group of employees. I want to create on workbook where each employee can enter their attendance and a summary sheet to gather all their time so I can submit to payroll. I know how to create and map all of...
  8. O

    Attendance sheet

    Can you give me solution for Attendance sheet with public holidays should be high lighted in kuwait region
  9. J

    Formula needed

    In column A I have a list of names. Example: Column A: In Attendance Smith, Joe (Joined in Skype for Business) In Attendance Doe, John (Joined in Skype for Business) In Attendance Smith, Jane (Joined in Skype for Business) I want to search column A to see if certain individuals show up. For...
  10. J

    Add check mark in cell if value in another worksheet

    I have a worksheet that has a formula to check for attendance. So I copy attendance from one note and paste into cell A. I then have a formula that says =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(P2,$F$2:$F$41,1,FALSE)),"",(VLOOKUP(P2,$F$2:$F$41,1,FALSE))) If that person was in the attendance there name will show...
  11. S

    want to lock cells in a row in attendance tracker

    Hi All, I have a question in Excel/VBA. I am creating an Attendance tracker for about 200 team members; in which each row corresponding to a team member displays their attendance for the entire month. There are 3 types of leaves: CL, SL and EL. The last 3 columns of the table show the total...
  12. B

    Calculate consecutive blank cell for each day - Attendance sheet

    Hi, I need your help to count blank in-time & out-time for a particular period in the attendance sheet. For example, 21st and 22nd March punching in and punching out both are blanks. also, need to count how many days, in-time is recorded and out-time is not recorded...
  13. T

    Attendance policy --help with formula

    HI! We have a 12 month rolling attendance points policy. I have all of the formulas figured out except for we allow employees to earn points back by having perfect attendance for 30 days from their last occurance. Trying to figure out how I can add a column and formula in to automatically...
  14. SFCChase

    Brain stopped working

    Hoping for some help...I've been staring at my worksheet for quite a while and can't for the life of me figure out what's going wrong. I have worksheet with 2 tabs (Attendance and OML) My Attendance tab has a list of names from D4:D21 Next to the names is an attendance % from E4:E21 On my OML...
  15. B

    Lookup yielding #N/A when linked to another sheet

    Hi so I am trying to help one of the Superintendents here at my job fix a problem with one of his spreadsheets. He has a lookup formula on a daily attendance sheet that will bring up an employee's name and what type of job they hold if you type in the 3 digit number corresponding to that...
  16. Z

    Attendance tracker formula that includes deduction of points

    Hello, I am currently trying to develop an attendance tracker in Excel that will minus 1 point if 30 days of perfect attendance is achieved. I have been able to write a formula that will deduct the points if that time frame is met but, the problem is that when they get another point for absence...
  17. M

    Attendance Sheet problem

    hi all, i am making a attendance sheet month wise. AG=COUNTIF($B3:$AF3,"p") AH=COUNTIF($B3:$AF3,"L") i want, if L more then 3 days Leave then p automatic replace with L fro given range. cell color must be change in RED color only for this condition apply. Khalid and nasir is example of this...
  18. M

    Tracking attendance

    I’m trying to track attendance. Is there a way to atuomatically list employee I’ve marked a present or absent.
  19. M


    So I need to keep track of staff member's attendance, since we have a goal of 80% to meet for calendar year 2018. I have several workbooks, one for each staff member, since I have other goals I have to track. As a group, I want toadd up all their monthly attendance, for example: Attendance...
  20. M

    Text to number

    I have this formula which returns the correct data (in text format), but I need it in a number format and can't figure out how to convert from text to formula =if(and({Category}="Convention/Tradeshow (CT)",{Out Date}>10/1/18),{Attendance Formula for Reporting}*2814,if(and({Category}="Convention...

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