1. M

    Excel Formula for Avg Tenure with a twist

    Hi I am trying to figure out a formula that would give me the average tenure per year of the Active employees for that year. I have a list of the employees with start and end dates and their Departments, and their tenure for each year they worked. Here are the two lists: What I need is to get...
  2. M

    Sumproduct & Indirect returning 0 or incorrect

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this formula: {=SUMPRODUCT(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]"))} Which is returning 0 Or, =SUMPRODUCT(SUM(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]")))...
  3. D

    The average turnover for each country.

    Hey there Could you please help write a formula to find the average turnover of customers from each country I tried =AVERAGEIF(A2:A91061,A2,B2:B65759) but it shows DIV/0. My goal is to find average turnover for 'LV' etc. Thank you
  4. S

    VBA for averages?

    Hellooo Thanks so much in advance I have employees on column M I have a bunch of different items they worked on on column E I have the time they spent on column K I need a table made in a new sheet, that puts each employee and the average time they spent working on each item. So I guess...
  5. M

    AVERAGEIF(column,"<>0) giving error #DIV/0!

    I have a table with 20 rows and only 6 rows have data in them. I'm trying to get the average of only the rows containing data in a column. Can anyone help me figure out why I'm getting an error on this formula? Example: Sam 5 Jess 2 Dean 4 Michael 4
  6. S

    Excel equation for dates past a certain date

    Help please if you can, I cant seem to find anywhere else. Im trying to find the equation for 2 things, 1. I have a chart I'm making and trying to calculate if something is past due 30 days, 10days, and 5 days is there an equation to find out if the dates I entered have passed...
  7. M

    Calculate Tenure with a Twist

    So I have two sheets. One sheet has my employee list with historic Start and End Dates. My other sheet is the summary of that list by Month. For example, lets say I have 10 Employees on my Employee sheet that all have Start and End dates, on my second sheet I have to summarize that info by...
  8. E

    Calculating average- one cell missing

    Hey I have 49 cells which represent profits for different quorters, I need to find their average. It is said it should be less than 400000 per quorter. Plus, the 49th cell is blank, I need to find its value without affecting the average. Please help me?
  9. D

    Forumlas including average

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that I am using to track audits completed. At the bottom, it adds up and has to be in a certain range to turn red/amber/green over the 10 audits. I was wondering how it is best to add a column in to work out if we only did 5 audits, but so that it still fits into the...
  10. P

    #Spill! Error when trying to find average of 2 letter grades

    Good afternoon; I'm trying to get 2 cells, not side-by-side, to average 2 letter grades in a 3rd cell. All I am getting is a #Spill! error. Also, if I do enter grades into the cells, it subs the value in H4 into K4, which is not helpful as it is not finding the average. In my screenshot, it...
  11. P

    AVCO formula Guidance

    Hello ! i have created a excel for the shares i buy. i want to use formula for AVCO (Average cost method) method. I am attaching file for reference please if some one can help me with the formula. ABCDEFGHI1#DateStatusC.Note #Scrip NameQtyT.RateT.AmountC.O.G20110/09/21Buy9794Sun...
  12. T

    "Average(If" not working

    I am currently averaging values in one table based off of their rankings in a separate table. I am doing so for each combination of the potential rankings. The formula below works for this purpose. =AVERAGE(IF((Table2[ranking]=B2)+(Table2[ranking]=C2)+(Table2[ranking]=D2),Table3[Value]))...
  13. L

    SUMPRODUCT (with criteria) first N even rows in a column and then AVERAGE

    Hi, I’m trying to average the total minutes of the first N -- in this case, 3 in lieu of N -- movies watched by a client. Please see my sheet: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oTwnB5u7y4KqAwamvjsEats3JiTPpYhEkOqUvOzEkDE In column A, you can see the extracted numbers from the minutes texts so...
  14. T

    sumproduct with custom ranges

    Hi all, hope things are going well. I am trying to calculate a weighted average using sumproduct but have a little problem: I can't just use normal ranges in the sumproduct and sum formulas. Assume row 1 has my values (in yellow) and row 2 has my weights (in green), then normally I would...
  15. T

    Calculating average of weighted grades in ever-expanding table

    I am creating a gradebook which has users add new evaluations through a VBA userform. Each new evaluation is added to the next empty column in the worksheet. Two of the data entered are the Category and the Points. In the sheet Settings!K2:L17, the Category code (column K) is associated with...
  16. T

    Code VBA average function when adding data with userform

    I have a userform that takes input from the user and adds it to the first five rows in the next available column of the worksheet. In row 6, I want a formula like: =IFERROR(AVERAGE(D7:D32),"") but the cell reference, of course, has to be for the current column (which changes with each instance...
  17. L

    Average if there is a count above 2

    Hi all, Hoping for some help with a formula please. I have an averageifs formula that works fine looking for an average with two criteria. My issue is I only want this function to work if a name appears more than 2 times for everything else I just want it to be blank. I have uploaded an...
  18. M

    Find average when other column reads "true"

    Using Office 365 on Windows 10, When column A is TRUE, I want to find the Average of column B. I know I use could Filter, but I want to create a formula instead. Can someone help...
  19. D

    AVERAGE from different cells ignoring 0

    Hi there, I want to use avergae function to calculate average from different cells like: (AB14,AB51,AB88,AB125,AB162,AB199) but ignoring 0, #DIV/0!. What formula I have to use to calculate average from different cells? Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you.
  20. B

    Average, Large, Date Range question

    Hello, I am calculating a weekly score for number of steps performed. I'm taking the top 5 days out of the 7 days in a week using this: =AVERAGE(LARGE($B$2:$B$8,{1,2,3,4,5})) The NO HOLIDAYS table in my spreadsheet is working perfectly. The HOLIDAYS table is just a copy of that table which...
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