1. B

    Average, Large, Date Range question

    Hello, I am calculating a weekly score for number of steps performed. I'm taking the top 5 days out of the 7 days in a week using this: =AVERAGE(LARGE($B$2:$B$8,{1,2,3,4,5})) The NO HOLIDAYS table in my spreadsheet is working perfectly. The HOLIDAYS table is just a copy of that table which...
  2. K

    Average over Last 90 Days - Multiple Sheets

    I have created an example version of the spreadsheet I am attempting to create. Each months sheet looks like what I have posted below. I am looking to use one of these sheets each month. I would then like an analysis tab where I can look at; -Overall Average of "Test Scores" - (I can and have...
  3. K

    Rolling 90 Day Average over Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to calculate a rolling 90 day average of results. Each sheet references a month and are titled as followed January '21, February '21 etc. Within each of these sheets I collect scores gathered on a certain date. Column C contains date that result was collected and Column D contains...
  4. L

    Power BI -Proportion of overall criteria * Average

    Good Afternoon I need help to work out how to show the proportion of days taken per category. I have posted how this looks in Excel however I am struggling to create a Measure in Power BI to replicate it. My data is in one large table, called Sheet 1! The example below: first 2 columns are...
  5. L

    Average all values in two different columns that are between two values?

    Hello all, I am trying to get an average of values in two non-consecutive columns, and only include values between 80 and 120. In the screenshot below, I would like to average the values in columns I and K together. I also need to exclude any "" cells and cells that may contain #N/A. My full...
  6. D

    round average

    Hello to all! I really need your help... I'm currently following an online course about Supply chain planning and here is the issue i'm having, i can't round the average number! I'm doing the exact same things as the teacher is showing and all i get as a result is error. First thing i do is...
  7. S

    How to find averages of sums in same pivot table

    Hi All, I am currently doing some Data Entry for work and I am just wondering if there is a more efficient way to do my task. Currently I am gathering total quantities of lumber used on one house, for all our houses, and finding the average lumber quantities for those lots. The trouble I...
  8. J


    Hi , i have a question . How do i find the average for each row? Do i use the =average(number) as in picture 1 and then click on plus or =average(number:number) as in picture 2 and click on plus? I need the data to be in average to run the regression . My professor said that we need to find the...
  9. R

    Formula averages filtered values

    Good evening everyone!😁😁😁 I wanted to kindly ask you for a send as I just couldn't find a solution for over a week now .... In the column under the writing (TEST) the formula should be entered, and what I would like to do is calculate the UMCSI values corresponding to <3% and> 2.8% of GDP for...
  10. C

    Calculate average

    How do i calculate the average when the data is like this?
  11. M

    Return a summing and averaging filtered gain or losses values.

    Hi, As in a sample sheet enclosed herein the data contains three columns and headers like weeks, location and Gain or Loss, I already worked out for Sum and Average (Column C27:C30) of values gain and loss (unfiltered category) I am looking a formula for Sum and Average (Column C32:C35) of...
  12. B

    Average of 1 cell depending on dependent of another cell

    Hey, I'm trying to find the average of 1 cell that is linked to another cell. In the image below, I am trying to get the average of the numbers linked to column A - so AAA and BBB. Taking 'AAA' as an example, I first need to find AAA in column B and then take the letters in column C and find...
  13. S

    Unable to calculate average of values returned from IF function

    Hi, I'm having trouble with the average formula in my excel sheet. I'm simply wanting to calculate the average of three cells, however the average function is returning a #Div/0! error as if the cells are empty. I should mention that the values in the cells I'm trying to average are returned...
  14. V

    Sumproduct In Excel

    Hello everyone, I need to calculate the average price of a product let say Orange. First 30 Qty of Orange is bought at 8.85 so the value becomes 265.50 Next 5 Qty of Orange is bought at 8.75 so the value becomes 43.75 Total cost of 35 Qty is 309.25 Now taking the average value of 35 is 8.84...
  15. C

    Weighted Average

    I need to find the weighted average loan amount of all loans between and including interest rates 4.75 and 5.25. I also include the volume percentage per note rate. InterestRate LoanAmount 4.875 150500 4.875 2540575 5 187500 5.375 15200 4.875 14848784 4.375 282292 5.125 4095500...
  16. K

    Calculating multiple averages of periods indicated by increasing values

    Hi all, I have a problem, I want to calculate the mean of daily production over a period of time, but this period is very different per case. Below you can see one case, in reality the row is much longer but for practical reasons in shortened the different periods. The top row indicates the day...
  17. M

    Rolling Average Ignoring Blanks

    Hello, I'd like to find the 3 day rolling average of two columns while ignoring blanks. Looking at M7 it would be something similar to that formula but ignoring blanks in J and K while automatically finding the previous 3 non blank values. I've tried using offset, large, and various if...
  18. P

    VBA code to Find Average

    Hi All, I have table data as below. There are 3 column. Vol1 CNT CNT_WISE_AVERAGE I want to write a VBA code to display the average value from "Vol1" column, based on "CNT value, and put the average value in "CNT_WISE_AVERAGE" column. There are nore then 5000 rows, having CNT values upto 80...
  19. S

    hh:mm:ss average problem

    hello, I have data that present at hh:mm:ss eg 00:01:52 but when I try to average I get the DIV error and when I try to sum it comes out as 00:00:00 I have tried the different formatting but nothing changes.
  20. M

    Pivot Table: Calculating Average % Across Years

    Hello, I have a Pivot Table with Years as the top-level column, then two fields underneath, Cash and Operations. The values in each field are currently calculated as % of Parent Column Total, so Cash and Operations are shown as percentages of each year's total. I would like to also create a...

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