1. K

    Calculating multiple averages of periods indicated by increasing values

    Hi all, I have a problem, I want to calculate the mean of daily production over a period of time, but this period is very different per case. Below you can see one case, in reality the row is much longer but for practical reasons in shortened the different periods. The top row indicates the day...
  2. M

    Rolling Average Ignoring Blanks

    Hello, I'd like to find the 3 day rolling average of two columns while ignoring blanks. Looking at M7 it would be something similar to that formula but ignoring blanks in J and K while automatically finding the previous 3 non blank values. I've tried using offset, large, and various if...
  3. P

    VBA code to Find Average

    Hi All, I have table data as below. There are 3 column. Vol1 CNT CNT_WISE_AVERAGE I want to write a VBA code to display the average value from "Vol1" column, based on "CNT value, and put the average value in "CNT_WISE_AVERAGE" column. There are nore then 5000 rows, having CNT values upto 80...
  4. S

    hh:mm:ss average problem

    hello, I have data that present at hh:mm:ss eg 00:01:52 but when I try to average I get the DIV error and when I try to sum it comes out as 00:00:00 I have tried the different formatting but nothing changes.
  5. M

    Pivot Table: Calculating Average % Across Years

    Hello, I have a Pivot Table with Years as the top-level column, then two fields underneath, Cash and Operations. The values in each field are currently calculated as % of Parent Column Total, so Cash and Operations are shown as percentages of each year's total. I would like to also create a...
  6. B

    Working out an average using multiple filters

    Hi, I am trying to work out the DAX to calculate the average time taken to fill a specific type of vacancy from my data source ‘CSD Archive’ To do this manually I would set filters on the following columns: ‘% Filled (Static)’ to 100 ‘Route’ to 1.GRS To work out the average I would then...
  7. B

    Use AVERAGEIFS based on dynamic criteria

    I'm trying to average a set of cells based on multiple criteria (hence the AVERAGEIFS), but I want this average to change as more data is added. There may be a very simple fix for this, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Below is a sample of the table followed by an explanation of...
  8. P

    averaging months

    what i want to do is. i want a foumula that will let me to get a rolling average for a month as i add numbers for each week. that total will be in one cell. I want it to be able for it to figure a average for week 1,2,3,4 so that I will have a current average each week. Example: week 1...
  9. P

    Average days by type and year

    <tbody> Type Days Year 34 12 2017 34 24 2017 65 11 2017 66 44 2018 34 23 2018 66 13 2018 34 44 2019 65 8 2019 66 31 2019 </tbody> I want the average days by type, by year. So for example, in 2017, the average days for type 34 is 18. The average days for type 65 is 11. I...
  10. willow1985

    Average of an Average

    I suppose this is more of a math question but I also want to know if I am calculating this right in excel / would be getting the correct numbers. I want to get the average turn around time (time between 2 dates) for the last 30 days. My data is as follows: <tbody> Date 1 Date 2 Difference...
  11. D

    Future employee salary/rasies

    I know how do do a simple salary schedule to to calculate year over year salary. I've tried googling, but came up short. Does anyone know of a formula that I can use to calculate year over year salary expense average? I'm trying to create a template to use for new-account bids to factor in...
  12. S

    average last 5 values

    Hello, I want excel to find me the last 5 values so then I can do Average, Min, Max... I found this formula =AVERAGE(OFFSET(C3,COUNT(C:C),0,-5)) from site https://exceljet.net/formula/average-last-5-values </pre> but the problem is my column is full of numbers and I want it to ignore the...
  13. gmooney

    Pivot Table Calculation for Sub Totals

    I have the below pivot table with 2 value columns that I need for any subtotals (in this example Romaine Leaves is the sub total of the 5 rows) to calculate the weighted average of the 5 rows (the math for this is the 3 columns to the right of the pivot table. Instead of 10.9 showing for Average...
  14. P

    Need to calculate Average of first 5 non-zero cells in a ROW

    In this example, each score is entered for only the players that played this week leaving lots of blank cells. A new column is added each week between Column D(Hidden) and E. I did this so the arrays in formulas will automatically update when a column is inserted inside the array. In Column...
  15. E

    MIN MAX AND AVERAGE - Excluding Zero value

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help please. I need to find the min, average and max values from a column in excel. However, I need to exclude any "0" values, and to save be changing the range I need to also find the average based on a set criteria. So, like an average value in one column, but...
  16. A

    How to count a number of consecutive cells with 1 in row that is intermittently interrupted with blank

    Good day all, My excel skills are very poor. I have a situation where I want compute the average number of times a student attends class consecutively over a period of say a semester. Rows represent individual students and the columns are days. In the cells are either 1 if students attends or...
  17. T

    AVERAGEIF question

    I want to average all cells in a row based on the day of the week in another row and I only want it to include cells greater then 0. Essentially for the average returned in R2, the range is A2:N2, if A1:N1 is Sunday, return average for sundays and only include in the average if cell in row 2 is...
  18. J

    Using the AVERAGE function with IF.

    Hi, I have a lot of data in Column I, which relates to %'s. In Column F, I have data relating to the amount of times a participant took part in a race. I want to do an average of Column I. So normally I'd just put in =AVERAGE(I:I). However, I only want to get an AVERAGE of people who have...
  19. E

    Help with monthly average

    Hello all, after hours spent trying to find a solution online, which was unsuccessful, I decided to post a new thread and see if anyone could help me out. I have multiple pivot tables connected to timeline slicer where user can select time period to view data set. I found online how to get...
  20. M

    How to get the averages for Minutes

    Hello All, So I have the following data, which is mostly in minutes: 00:01 Mins 00:05 Mins 00:04 Mins 00:03 Mins 00:07 Mins 00:04 Mins 02:32 2 Hours 32 Mins (152 Mins) How do I calculate the average of minutes? (based on the data provided) Currently from Format Cells, Number tab, the data...

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