1. S

    How to calculate the Average with Condition of Networking days from the reference dates

    Hi Team, I need a dynamic formula in Cell F2 which will stretched to N2 to calculate the 1. Average of Network days between "Request Received date and F1, G1, H1 and so on". 2. Consider those dates having Rows with Column A Status "Open" 3. Ignore Status "Open" , Request Received dates in...
  2. G

    Find teams using a found average

    I have a small golf league that will be having a scramble outing and would like to know if its possible to auto calculate the fairest 4 person teams using each golfers handicap? My list consists of 27 rows players with Column A as the Last Name, B is first name, C is # of rounds they have played...
  3. D

    Pivot Table Averages incorrect due to 0 values in raw data

    Good Morning All I have raw data that contains 0's in the price per gallon field (first image. 0 record is first) Second image shows pivot table with a 3.017 average (this includes the 0 value record) Third image shows what the average is not including the 0 value . formula used is...
  4. M

    Drag Average Formula Vertically, But Reference Increasing Columns

    I am trying to figure out a way to drag my formulas vertically, but have them increase their reference by one column. For instance, the first image shows the main table where the formulas would be located (summary). Group A's data is in the second figure. I would like to average all the values...
  5. C

    take every 4 rows to average them and this average data put into 4 rows as a specific single result

    Hi, like title says i need to take every 4 rows to average them and this average data put into 4 rows as a specific single result. I tried my formula in tab.1 but didnt work. My data needs to looks like tab2. Btw table2 continues to 175 000 rows.Can someone help me what i doing wrong? Thanks for...
  6. L

    calculate monthly averages

    Hi, I have data arranged data table how do I calculate the averages of C,D,E and F and tabulate it by year and month as in the Average China Prices table? Thanks for you help BCDEFGHIJKLMNOP3PO Spot Market Price (unit: RMB/mt)Average China PO prices RMB/ton SCI4DateShandongNorth ChinaEast...
  7. P

    Editing of separate Table, which determines Value in originally selected cell

    Hello everyone! I want to apologize in advance if my language is not the most correct or if I am unable to explain what I wish to do in the best way, as I am a beginner at using Excel. I have attempted many google searches using different wording but unfortunately without success. Here is a...
  8. R

    Count average grounds of a selection of towns

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with the following issue. I want to calculate the average number of grounds in a selection of cities (E2:E4). In this example, the number of grounds per city are given in column C. However, I don't succeed in getting the correct number, because it takes into...
  9. M

    Average non-adjacent cells (with criteria)

    Hi, I am stuck on creating a formula for the below and would be really grateful for some assistance: The table has 4 columns. Column A is text e.g. Apples, Bananas etc. Columns B,C,D are currency. More than one row in column A will contain Apples. I want to find all rows which state Apple...
  10. H

    Vlookup and Weighted Averages

    Need some help here! Two part question here possibly. I am not very efficient with excel yet so please bear with me! I hope the sample file link works, if not I attached an image where I combined sheet 1 and 2 into one to show an idea of what I am working with. SAMPLE FILE 1. I need to find...
  11. A

    Calculate the average of a column with time excluding rows with values in other columns

    I'm trying to calculate the average in column (T) with time on it (00:00:00), and exclude the rows with blank cells on column "E" and the text "PC" on column "R". This is what I've tried so far: Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("mapa_cargas") Dim lastRow As Long...
  12. A

    Excel VBA - Calculate average in column excluding rows on different columns

    Hello, Can someone help me to create a code to calculate the average on column T exlcuding the rows that are blank on column E and with "PC" on column R? Thank you
  13. A

    nesting within AVERAGEIF

    I'm trying to take an average of the "Average" column depending on what the month in the "Date" column is. Date Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average 1/12/2023 100 101 102 =mean(B2:D2) = 101 1/13/2023 103 104 105 =mean(B3:D3) = 103 2/12/2023 106 107 108 =mean(B4:D4) = 105 I'm trying...
  14. S

    Dynamic Average of top values in specific ranges

    Hi everyone. Im trying to find the average of the top values of several- non continued ranges. see image for reference: What I need is being able to average the TOP value of range B4:B15 with the TOP (the ones in green) value of B17:28 and so on for the next following cells that are not in...
  15. F

    Calculating averages in a pivot table using distinct count

    Hi, I am trying to calculate averages per site requiring use of the distinct count function. I've used the following calculations to determine these averages: - Total count (calculated using the sum total) - Column 2 - Survey count (calculated using distinct count) - Column 3 - Average count...
  16. Kobi Merrikin

    Average 2 Columns Pivot Table

    Hi All, I have a pivot table aggregating quarterly data of number of employees at multiple sites. In order to analyse this, I need to know the average number of employees in each quarter to use in an injury rate calculation. I am trying to use a calculated column in the pivot table but this...
  17. B

    Average sum of day

    Hi, I have a job sheet that enters the totals of a day. I need to average jobs completed each day for tracking. so sum each Tuesday and average against each other Tuesday. I have used the averageifs function but that is averaging the jobs within that day. This is the results page, with the...
  18. W

    Best way to calculate multiple averages? (See sample mini-sheet)

    BCD2Average3Apples654Apples625Apples1647.76Oranges177Oranges6139.08Peaches179Peaches7210Peaches2411Peaches6243.812Tomatoes9696.0D5D5=AVERAGE(C3:C5)D7D7=AVERAGE(C6:C7)D11D11=AVERAGE(C8:C11)D12D12=AVERAGE(C12) I have a similar spreadsheet to the one above, containing several thousand rows of data...
  19. D

    Average time between dates *But ignore if blank in either cell

    Version: Excel Online I want an average of the time (in days) between two milestones for many different people (one person per row), but I want the formula to ignore that row if there isn't a date in BOTH date cells, since it throws off the average in a major way. Example "TABLE_1" EE Name...
  20. D

    Calculate Factors to Achieve Goal

    I'm having a challenge in resolving an algebraic problem using excel and would really appreciate some help. Scenario: Call center has goal of answering 80% of calls offered within X time Sum of calls currently answered at goal is 369 Forecast remaining calls in day is 1854 Objective: How...

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