1. H

    Using Macros to "Change picture"

    Hi All, I need to make several hundred excel files which all have the same layout with different information (I.D. Cards). I have resolved all time consuming issues except manually changing the picture for each person. My idea is to write a macro and assign to a button that does the same thing...
  2. R

    VBA code to scrape Product ASINs with page number from website. i tried a vba code to extract the ASINs from the above links for past two days however since im a beginner i...
  3. M

    Move Row after certain cell filled

    Hello and thanks to anyone who thinks they can help me. I'm brand spanking new at VBA and I'm try to create a Macro so that I can transfer data from one sheet to another. The information is the same on the next sheet except I add another column which you can see in picture labeled #2. I was...
  4. C

    Looking to learn a formula to help me with...

    I am extracting data from two different vendors, the data I'm extracting should be the same, however a quick glance indicates it isn't! For example, lets say one file contains a list of 1000 students' names. The other file contains 987 students' names. What's the best way to cross reference both...
  5. A

    VBA Macro shortcut to "paste special formula"

    Hi all! I have been trying to write VBA macro to simulate the keystroke (Ctrl + Alt + v + f) to copy and paste formula from an excel cell. I'm a beginner, and so far I've been able to develop the functionality of copying the formula and pasting it relationally. However, the code breaks if it is...
  6. C

    ComboBox Property will not change value

    Hello, I'm creating a User Form and trying to get the starting position of a Combo Box to be the number of the month. For example since it is currently July I would like the Combo Box to start on position 6. When I try this varToday = Date varToday = varToday - 10 'this is purposeful...
  7. K

    Pop up window when click/double click a cell

    Dear All I have two sheets with some information on skill level of a team and with year of experience. Machine_A sheet is summary of no. of skilled person. Machine_D is sheet of data base. Let us assume i have 10 expert engineer in machine installation category. Machine_A sheet shows no. 10...
  8. B

    golf league schedule 20 teams of 40 players

    new to mrexcel but would like some help putting together a golf league scheduler for a 40 player / 20 team league. 18 total weeks. am new to formulas in excel and a general beginner but use excel daily but not to its full potential. want to learn more. thanks.
  9. L

    Relative cell reference selecting enitre row and entire column?

    Hi all, I literally started learning VBA 3 days ago, using excel-pratique's VBA course but as I'm trying to be thorough I started to make a "dictionary" and I'm writing up the different selections that are possible. Could someone send me a working code for: Select entire Row AND entire...
  10. C

    Improving my skill

    Hello, I joined this forum in 2007. Back around then I took an intermediate excel class and I enjoyed it. My work at that time had me maintaining a couple of spreadsheets. this place was great. I haven't opened a spreadsheet in a decade until earlier this year. Now I'm managing some data on...
  11. M

    Access query - multiple tables but same column

    Hey everyone, I am a complete access beginner so I apologize if this is a no-brainer / a dumb question. I have two tables. One called MasterRepList and MastetTechList. In both of these tables, I have a FirstName, LastName and UserID field. (The MasterTechList calls this field TechID) --...
  12. J

    Excel Beginner Question

    All, I will use column A and B as the columns I want to change: I want to make column A Red if column A is not filled out but column B is filled out. But I want to leave column A White if Column B is not filled out. I have not been able to figure that out.
  13. N

    Good idea? Maybe?

    Hello All, So I joined this forum back in 2016 and since then have learned SO MUCH INFORMATION that has helped me and now I am able to help others that were lie me before i joined here. It has been an awesome ride and I really enjoy it. With that being said I have been thinking about making a...
  14. A

    Run-time error 424: Object Required

    Hello, I am an excel beginner trying to make a UserForm for data entry. I made the UserForm and had it working, then accidentally saved the file as the wrong format and had to make a brand new one. I was able to copy the code and add it into my new VBA with all the same box names, but now when...
  15. HeRoseInThree

    Subtract time

    I am looking to subtract 15 minutes from whatever value is in cell O2 and put that information in P2. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. E

    VBA wont calculate cells during loop

    Hi guys I need help with a VBA program I am trying to write. This is my first ever program so go easy haha. Basically I am trying to calculate a correlation table using VBA rather than by hand. I have a table of values that starts (the corner is in) cell T3. The values go to the right and down...
  17. F

    Help a Newbie with a not so simple VBA Macro

    Hi Guys, I need a program that can read multiple columns from multiple spreadsheets and carries out an action if it matches. I believe though the problem is a bit too complex for vlookup! I need a vba macro that can read the a common column from two spreadsheets to see if they match. Then...
  18. L

    Conditional Formatting Adjacent Cells

    So i have my initial formats done: Column I: Planned date Column J: Revised date (if needed) Column K: Actual Date Both I and J have a format to turn colors based on how far we are for the dates.. (ex: 5/15/30 days) My issue, if there has been a revised date in J, i'd like I to turn white-...
  19. A

    BEGINNER USER: Assigning Values to Letters in Multiple Columns

    Hi, please note that I am a novice excel user, so very explicit directions are appreciated. I am hoping to track students' reading level progression through the duration of the school year with an excel spreadsheet so it can be easily visually represented with a line plot. Fountas and Pinnell...
  20. K

    Passing Arguments

    Very beginner question: what does it mean to "pass arguments"?

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