1. Y

    Power Query fetching data from database for every query

    Hi, Consider the attached image. I fetch a few 100k records from a database into SER_Base_SQL and MC_Base_SQL I add Table.Buffer() as the last line of code for each query Then I reference MC_Base_SQL in a new Query DueAssesments and perform some operations After closing the PowerQuery...
  2. Martin_H

    Problem with macros after using Office 365 for a few days

    Hi team, so I switched from Office 2016 straight to Office 365, used it for a few days and went back to Office 2016. Now a few VBA macros are not working for me, but they still work on my colleagues computers who are still using Office 2016. Could this be caused by the cache? Any idea how to...
  3. V

    How to clear out cache

    I'm getting this problem "OUT OF MEMORY", when I run my vba. My vba basically takes various things from a online csv which grabs time, year, # of ad clicks, weather, and, it takes it from there and pastes it into my document every 5 seconds or so. So I have an up-to-date dashboard of...
  4. cliffmid

    Empty spinner button

    I see lots on cells cleared in spinner button code, but not how to clear the cached spinner button itself. I have a spinner linked to A1. I run A1 up to five. My code to clear A1 works perfectly. But when I come back to the sheet (with A1 cleared) and use the spinner again, it--the spin...
  5. C

    Loss of pivot columns when using pivotcaches.create with new data source

    I am faced with an issue with my data and pivot table VBA. My data now adds a new blank column on the far left. I must delete this column so that my data fits in the correct range and the column all have a header as before. When I delete this column the range of the source data changes minus the...
  6. I

    My Loop Keeps Running but the image doesn't update

    Hello Folks, I'm new at this so any help appreciated. I have a form that starts on Workbook_Open. It simply displays an image that gets updated form another system. When the user select the Option_Button1, the code should get the picture, wait 5 seconds and then redisplay it. It does work...
  7. D

    Numbers in linked files changing without updating links (shared source and cache?)

    There are 2 files. File A has links to a source file and was updated from that source at 10am. File B has links to the same source file and was updated from that source at 5pm. The source file changed between 10am and 5pm. If file A is opened after file B, the data in file B changes as if it...
  8. S

    Clearing Timeline and Slicer Filters

    Hi, I have the below code which clears the slicer filters fine but for some reason isint working on the timeline filters. Would anyone know what I need to add to clear the timeline filters? <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height...
  9. L

    grouping one pivot table affects another one! still same cache

    Hi I have a pivot table which has the date as a column and grouped based on Quarter. I copied that table in the same sheet so I can group the date differently by Month for example. But If I group/grouping anyone is going to effect the other one. I watched the video below (sorry for posting it)...
  10. S

    Change pivot cache

    Got a little problem, want to make a file way smaller in memory. I want to reduce the cache of pivots. How can I do that? Currently I'm havin' a macro like this: ActiveSheet.PivotTableWizard SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= "'[" & sourceofpivots.Name & "]Data'!R1C1:R" & lastrow & "C79"...
  11. C

    VBA - Error in code - Pivot Cache

    This is my pivot cache but I keep getting an error message :( My google cave isn't helping so hoping one of you genius' are able to help. Thanks in advance! ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _ "Sum_Data!R1C1:R5000C19"...
  12. P

    Memoisation in DAX measures

    Hello everyone, I do have to face a memory error in my DAX computations. To by-pass it, I have in mind to apply some memoisation. Do you think memoisation is possible in Power BI? Here is the context: - I have to work on some data related to 1000 videos; - measure A computes an average of the...
  13. H

    Slicer Values Problem

    Hi All, I am trying and failing to extract slicer values into a worksheet (Msgbox). I have made a very basic pivot based on Months and Qty's and cannot figure out why I get a Run-Time error 5 on the 'Set cache = ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Month")' line. Can someone please put me out of my...
  14. R

    Change PivotTable selection to multiple criteria based on table value

    I have a dashboard setup with slicers linking to multiple pivot tables, all using the same cache. I am trying to do some calculations to determine what the %difference of specimen volume is on the current week selected, considering i have a data column called "Fiscal Week", to the average of...
  15. J

    Web Cache with VBA

    I'm working a project for ocean wave forecasting and need to cache the websites I use to document my perceived change in conditions. I'm applying Fuzzy Logic to wave forecasting. If anyone is interested in the details please let me know. I'm Looking to cache 3 sets of 12 pages that are updated...
  16. M

    .values=.values and macro speed

    Hey all, I have a question that should be simple, but I couldn't find any information on it in searches, and other people asking similar questions seemed to just generate confusion. I'm putting together a rather large macro using Excel/VBA 2010, and I was having problems with "empty" cells not...
  17. D

    Proprietary Info and Caching of External Data

    I've read over these threads for quite a few years now and have almost always found any answers I needed, or at least got pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately, I need to ask for your expertise. I am using Excel 2007. I put together an Estimate sheet that pulls date from a Master sheet...
  18. ClimoC

    Odd Requery/Updatebatch behaviour

    Howdy I have an Excel Workbook with userforms, pivottables and the like. The backend is an Access db (accdb), with connection through ADODB Everything seems to work beautifully, except when I'm adding a new record. Here's the startup connection: Public Function TestBatchUpdate() Dim...
  19. M

    determining whether two pivots share a cache

    I have a huge document consisting of many pivot tables. I inherited it, and the person who created it is long gone. Part of my job is to scale down this document. I wonder if all the pivots are using the same cache, or not. If not, I could re-create them as copies of a single pivot, thus having...
  20. P

    PivotTable - Missing Page Filters

    I have a bunch of pivot tables in a workbook with charts based on those pivot tables. I wrote a VBA subroutine that changes the page filter in pivot table, and then makes picture copies of the charts into a new workbook. This worked fine for a while. A problem developed recently though. The...

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