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    How to use a Pivot Table to sum the last 12 columns

    Hi Everyone, hope you can usual. I have a pivot table based on an enormous database which essentially summarises each month points by individual. I need to keep all historical columns in the pivot (this is going back to 2012) but would like the pivot to calculate automatically the...
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    Displaying % in power BI

    My data is structured as below (snippet of data) <tbody> ID Location Status AP001 Location5 Booked AP002 Location3 Pending AP003 Location2 Lost AP004 Location7 Lost AP005 Location4 Booked AP006 Location2 Lost AP007 Location6 Lost AP008 Location1 Booked AP009 Location7 Lost...
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    Calculated Field / Item

    Hi, I have the below data and i want to calculate score. As of now, i calculate this after the pivot area. Can i calculate it inside the pivot using calculated field / item ? <tbody> Transaction Id Region P1 P2 P3 P4 Good Score A989 KAR 1 FALSE 75% A789 KAR 1 FALSE 75% A900 KAR 1...
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    Display of Calculated Items in Excel

    I created a PivotTable to present the budget for the year using 2 Categories (A, B) and also create a Calculated Item (= Spending / Budget) showing the percentage of the budget used. In the first Pivot Table of the image the percentage calculation does all right, but when another subcategory is...
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    Calculated Item - How to associate it with only one pivot table

    Hello I was wondering if there was a way to allocate a calculated item to only one pivot table on my spreadsheet. I.e all of the pivot tables use the same source data, but when I add a calculated item to one pivot, it shows as an option for all my pivots. I'm not sure how the logic works, but...
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    Help with value fields in Pivot Table (calculated/ item field?)

    Hi, I need to show the values in the pivot table below a sa % of the total unfiltered values. The table below is filtered by Bank Code = Bank X. But I need the values to show as a % of the total Unfiltered number for each cell, by industry row on the left. Tried changing The Values Field...
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    Calculated Item - CALCULATE YoY Variance for all measures

    Hi everyone please help, I would consider myself very advanced in excel, however started working with larger sets of data and started using power pivot. and it feels like I am starting all over again. I am watching videos on CALCULATE but am still trying to wrap my mind around it. This is...
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    Help with conditional statement in Pivot calculated item

    Hi There. I need some help in creating a calculated item in a Pivot table. I have a field that indicate product thicknesses in millimeters. I want to create another field that will categorize thickness range as light, medium or heavy so that in the end I can determine the tonnages I have of...
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    Calculated Field/ Item query - calculating differences

    Hi I’m currently trying to work out the difference of two valuations (internal and external) in a pivot I have created. Currently my Pivot is arranged as follows, source data (internal or external) as column labels, Product as row labels with a further break down by office region of...
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    Calculated Item; wrong sub and grand total with percentages

    Hi, As the head line hints at, I'm having some issues with the Calculated Item function in Excels pivot. I'm creating a report with the current and previous year, where I calculate the years sum as a percentage of yesteryears. It works row by row, but for each total it adds all the row totals...
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    Subtotals for pivot table with calcuations

    I believe this is not possible (as i am getting an error saying so) but does anyone have a workaround for getting monthly subtotals on a pivot table where there are calculated items? i've tried two ways: - highlighted date in the pivot and clicking field settings and then custom and then sum. i...
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    Creating a products gap table with a Pivot Table and calculated fields or itms

    Hi, Please see the link below. I have a table that I need to make a balance of inventory. I would like to know how to do it with a pivot table ( I did it with sumifs ) Thank you, Tamir
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    Pivot table calculated item as new data in the source data tab?

    Hi, I have a pivot table with about 12 columns and 50,000 rows in a tab. I want to created a weighted sum across a few different items for a given institution in a given year (e.g. Item A*2 + item B + Item C in 2000 for institution A and again for institution A in 2001, and so on for...
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    07 Pivot Table Calc'd Item (%) Sums in G/T line

    Is there any way to change the formula for a calculated item in the grand total row? Excel 2007 & Windows XP This is a subset of the results: Overtime Total Time % Mfg Cell 1 715 6,201 12% Mfg Cell 2 2,983 14,656 20% Mfg Cell 3 710 7,567 9% Mfg Cell 4...
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    Totals in Pivot Table for calculated item does not agree to sum of the detail lines

    Dear All, I ran into a bug concerning automatic totals on calculated items in Pivot Tables. I am using Excel 2003. I have two columns of summed values in a pivot table. I created a calculated item that takes the lower value between two columns and multiplies it with a rate. For example, the...
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    Calculated Items in Pivot Tables - only sum fields if present in data

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I’ve been thinking about this for ages and just can’t think of any way around this – I’m sure someone out there must have some genius way of doing this. <o:p> </o:p> I’m coding some VBA to make some...
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    Pivot table calculation using a calculated item and field

    I would like to create a calculation in a pivot table using a calculated item and a value from one of the time periods displayed. ie. database contains transactions listing price and quantity. Pivot table contains calculated field = average price per period. calculated item = difference of...

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