cell format

  1. M

    Formula to make a sentence in one cell in one line, instead of many lines

    Dear All, May I request you to help me on a formula/shortcut for below: I have one cell contains a huge sentence. But it is broken down to many lines within the cell. However my ERP will read only the first line of the cell. I wanted to remove the ENTER between the lines and make the sentence...
  2. ExcelEddie

    Strings n things

    Hi all, I hope this is possible... I have a formula that loads a text string to a cell The formula is a VLOOKUP (See below - nothing special) The text string shows in the cell that contains the formula but only to the pre-determined boundary of the cell So far, so good Is VBA clever enough to...
  3. R

    Is it possible to keep cell formatting (bold/italic/etc) from a regular table to a power query table?

    Basically the title. I'm trying to preserve the cell formatting from a regular Excel table into a Power Query table. For example, cell A1 has the words "The Quick Brown Fox" and the only word "Brown" has been bolded. I would like to have that same word bolded in the Power Query table. I know...
  4. E

    How to Append CSV file without reading empty formatted cells

    I have a code that is able to Append a range of data in a worksheet to an existing CSV file. However, I noticed that when the existing CSV file contains empty, but formatted cells beyond the end of the data range, the Append function takes into account those empty cells as well. For example...
  5. B

    find values from from range

    Sub finddate() Dim foundRng As Range Sheets("download").Activate Set foundRng = Range("g2:g9").Find(Sheets("schedule").Range("b2").Value) If Not foundRng Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Found at " & foundRng.Address End If End sub I am having trouble while comparing a time...
  6. M

    general format issue

    Hi, I have a problem with General format of cells. I have some files that I sent to some colleagues and once I open them all cells in General format were showing like currency format (13.4 in a general format cell, now appeare like 13.40$) I did not find where to configure this general format...
  7. T

    GMT/UTC to local time conversion

    Hi guys, I'm trying to convert from GMT time to local time. I have the a column where my data has the format: 19-01-2019,07:20:23 I applied the formula: =A2-(5/24) to calculate the local time but i got the error: There's something wrong with the way your formula is typed. Or, there's...
  8. W

    Entering "+12345" values "as is"

    I have a column in which I need to enter values starting with "+" followed by some numbers. I formatted this column as text (applied the Text format in the Format Cells dialog for the whole column). When I enter a value in an empty cell, all is ok _ I see it "as is". However, if I try to enter a...
  9. W

    Transfer Data from shared filed to a new file based on their format properties

    Hi all! I'm working on a shared tracker with Contact details, dates and more information and it gets updated every day from different people and every time they update or input new data, they are obligated to change its font to red. When I see the new updates, I consolidate this information...
  10. L

    Keeping leading zeros while copying to new worksheet

    Hi all! Another day, another problem.. Here is what's going on: I have an excel where there are two sheets. Sheet 1 contains Phone numbers in Column X in the following format: 050-7080-6030. I need to copy this to Sheet 2 while at the same time removing "-" (I achieved this by creating a table...
  11. D

    How to Extract Cell format Type as cell value to another cell

    Dear Friends, I am trying to create Macro Program for my regular activity for Data Extracted from Tally. I am having cells filled with Amount as number and custom Formatted as ""0.00" Cr" and ""0.00" Dr" So Cell display will be D5 = 100 (Display as "100 Cr") and D6 = 150 (Display as "150...
  12. D

    Creating a time sheet with time calculation

    Hi all, Been a while since I last posted here. I'm trying to create a time sheet which takes hours and minutes but not the time. For example, a job takes 18 hours and 23 minutes and come out of a CSV file as 18:23, but the allocated time is only 15 hours (shown as 15:00), I want to be able to...
  13. D

    Cell formatting

    I need to know how to select all of the cells in a workbook and get them to start at the top of the cell instead of having a space in between
  14. A

    Date Formatting Issue

    Hello all, I am having an issue formatting a cell that contains data from a .txt file into a new date format. The cell shows data as 151201 and the format is "general." When I change the cell format to any date format, I get the date as 12/21/2313. I need it to say 12/01/2015. Can any one...
  15. L

    Highlight duplicate cells in non-sequential, non-stationary cells that only contain 7 or 8 digit numbers

    Hi. I am new to posting so hopefully I do this right. I can't figure out how to attach my file so I pasted part of it below the code. :rolleyes: I changed the actual text (I'm not working on animals) :laugh: Background: I have a template my team uses but the conditional formatting does not...
  16. A

    Convert text to numbers in cell where text is extracted from another cel

    I am using this formula in B2 to extract the number "100" from A2 containing this text string: "viewport: 100x30". =IFERROR(MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,FIND("x",A2)-FIND(" ",A2)-1)) All good so far. However, I want the formula result to be formatted as a number. I am unable to change the cell...
  17. A

    VBA code to call a suface function.

    Looking for VBA code/example to call the excel function "CELL(info_type, [reference])". :banghead:
  18. Prevost

    Date & Time Cell Format for Chart Horizontal Axis

    Hi There. I format my cells to the custom format of dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss to use for a chart. It displays the chart correctly for XY Scatter but this type also doesn't recognize it directly as dates (it converts it to numbers which can then be transferred to dates). When I change the chart type to...
  19. S

    VBA code to enable format cells

    Hi Guys I've been struggling to solve this problem for a few hours now. I have an overall password ("XYZ") protecting the overall sheet, and then a 2nd password for Range("rngB_O") - password "ABC". I need this code to not only unlock the column ( Selection.Locked = False), but to allow users...
  20. N

    Validation on Cell

    Hi I have been looking through various posts for an answer to this question and need some help please. At work we use spread sheets as timesheets. The first column is for a project code and is either entered as 'SC1111' for service calls or '12345-0111'.In both examples the numbers could be...

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