1. B

    Checkboxes Yes No

    Hello, I have the following code that I picked up from some web page. This one inserts only one button to the left of the cell. I would like to have two checkboxes in one cell, one for "Yes" another for "No" and only one can be checked. I tried to replicate second option by adding "1" to the...
  2. T

    Formula for conditional formatting

    I'd like to highlight a row based on certain criteria. Say for example in row 7, if C7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if D7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if E7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, then i want this row to be highlighted. Thanks in advance!
  3. Z

    Multipage hide and unhide VBA!AiCZb_GZ2FZegdwGDeVB_yPLnEh0Jg?e=XcDm5Q I am trying to figure out how to take the items checked on a treeview and have them match the caption of a tab on a multipage userform. In the attached woorkbook below is a moch-up of what i have in my project. The criteria userform...
  4. I

    VLOOKUP Returns #NA when data is present

    I cant wrap my head around this error, I have 2 excel sheets, I am using VLOOKUP to add new pricing from the new sheet to the old sheet, I have triple checked a couple of numbers and noticed some exists on both sheets. Yet I it inputs #NA in that cell, I have cross checked a few numbers and saw...
  5. T

    Index Match Match Match

    Hello!!! I am having difficultly getting a formula to work. =INDEX(OLPPricingTable,MATCH(PricingType,OLPPricingTablePricingTypes,0),MATCH(D200,OLPPricingTableChannels,0),MATCH(OLPNPRTotal,OLPPricingTableNPRLookup,1)) I need to match a column exactly, a row exactly and a column greater...
  6. E

    If checkbox is checked then remove everything entered in other controls

    Hello, I am making a form. I have a checkbox1 and checkbox2. I want to make it such that whenever checkbox1 is checked then everything already entered in textbox1, textbox2 and Listbox1 is automatically deleted. So I want to have the above controls blank when the checkbox 1 is checked Please...
  7. S

    Sending email from VBA (Excel) with Outlook

    <button title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" aria-pressed="false" style="background-attachment: scroll; background-clip: border-box; background-color: transparent; background-image...
  8. M

    check the checkbox on user form based on cell value

    I am still struggling with trying got do this. When I activate my userform, if a cell on the worksheet has a value greater than 0 I wan the checkbox to be checked. Currently if checked when unloading it runs a macro and put data in the cell if it is checked. However if you don't recheck it the...
  9. D

    disable check box based on other checkbox

    Access 365 Within my main form f_pac, I have 3 check boxes (USA, Canada, Combined) I need to have them enabled/disabled. If either USA or Canada is checked then disable Combined. and if Combined is checked disable USA and Canada. How can I do this?
  10. M

    user form check box

    I have a user form that include a check box. If you check the box it runs formulas and puts data in a different column than if it isn't checked. When I open the user form if there is data on the sheet it pulls it in to the user form, and you can modify as needed, however it does not recheck the...
  11. W

    DATEVALUE function

    I have a column of data which I thought were dates but the data doesn't seem to behave as such. I have attempted to use Datavalue function but no am getting #value ! I believe I have checked my system date and time settings, Doesn't anyone have any advice?
  12. A

    Array formula not counting correctly

    Hi all, I copied an array formula for median and changed it to count. For some reason the count is off by one. I double checked the range. I manually checked the count and there are only 2 distributors in the population but the formula is showing 3. And the End Customer/Partner is short by 1...
  13. S

    Is there any way to check whether an option button has been checked?

    I'm trying to create a form where, if certain fields are blank, it prevents the user from printing I got most of the code to work, but I can't manage to figure out how to check whether an option button has been selected. A lot of resources I've found say to use something along the lines of If...
  14. M

    sumifs formula not working as expected

    Hi I've got two columns of data (A and B) and I'd like to sum the data in column B that is either "Checked" or "Partially Checked" in column A - please see the small sample below. The sum should be 40, in this case. I've used this formula, but it's not returning the expected result. Can...
  15. A

    How Do I Get My Addins Ribbon Button To Display?

    I installed the MrExcel HTML Maker addin. I shows as installed in the OPTIONS>ADDINS dialogue, and it the manage addins dialogue it is checked. But how do I access it? I have no Addin's Button in my ribbon or the menu, although in the OPTIONS>CUSTOMIZE ribbon settings, "Addins" is checked. I...
  16. K

    checkbox to check automatically IF any of other checkboxes are checked

    So here is a brief snippet of my userform i have to use as an example: the top right-hand box (where it says "miscellaneous incidents") has a transparent label over top of the box so it cannot be manually checked... (i put a single frame around it only so that it can be seen for my example...
  17. C

    Macro To Uncheck Checkboxes

    Is there a way to have a macro uncheck all checked checkboxes, except for some? <tbody> A B C 1 X X X 2 X 3 X X 4 </tbody> So if every X represents a checkbox, and most of them are checked, I want a macro that clears all the checks, except the checkboxes in row A...
  18. S

    Excel 2016/365 Ignore DDE being... ignored?

    One of the most useful features of Excel for me is ignoring DDE links. It allows me to easily create multiple separate instances of excel that other users won't inadvertently try and open up their spreadsheets in (When running userforms etc). For some reason, I cannot get it to work properly...
  19. N

    Permanent Iterative Calculation

    I have several spreadsheets that require the 'Enable Iterative Calculation' to be selected in order to work correctly. Our business calcs require circular calculations on almost every sheet. Once I have this option checked, it stays active but only for me. It does not stay checked for my...
  20. R

    I have just reinstalled 365 and it will not load old applications

    Nor simple data spreadsheets - so neither xlsx or xlsm These were working fine until yesterday. I can create new programmes. I have reinstalled 365 twice - and tried repairing - when it reinstalled itself again. I have checked that Trust settings appear ok. Suggestions, please, to maintain my...

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