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  1. C

    VBA: Copy sheet and paste as values to closed workbook

    Hello, I am trying to copy a sheet from one workbook to the end of another closed workbook. However, the sheet that is being copied contains formulas and I only want the values to be pasted in the closed workbook and I am not too sure how to accomplish this. Also, I am trying to rename the sheet...
  2. R

    How to automatically change path name for reference to most recent closed workbook

    Hi, I have two workbooks: one is closed and one is open. And I would like to extract data from the closed one into the open one. I can return the value of cell A2 of the closed external workbook in my open workbook with the following formula...
  3. R

    Extract data from closed external workbook

    Hi, How can you extract the entire sheet data from a closed external workbook whereby the path name of the external workbook is mentioned in a cell in the open workbook? I guess you need VBA for this?
  4. H

    Running Power Query in a Closed Workbooks

    Hi All, I have two workbooks. They both are directly linked with Oracle Accounting software through Power Query. Every time when we want to see latest data. I have to go to those workbooks one by one. Run the query (once the query has finished running), save the files and close. After that I...
  5. B

    VBA to Retrieve Multiple Cells from Closed Workbook

    Greetings, I am trying to write a routine to retrieve values from multiple cells (5 total- B2:B7) from a series of closed workbooks. The code I have written works, but it only retrieves the first value (B2). I am trying to avoid doing the retrieve five times over to get what I want, but I know...
  6. D

    SUMIF for closed workbook

    Hi, We have several target sheets that run using the formula below. I have been told that they always used to work without having the source book open but from researching online i dont see how it was possible as they have always been using sumif. could you have a look at the formula below and...
  7. H

    References to external workbooks not working unless they are open

    Quick question regarding some references I have to external workbooks. The formula in question is: =VLOOKUP("*"&B5,INDIRECT('Links to Workbooks'!$I$3),'Links to Workbooks'!$C$4,FALSE) Where the lookup value B5 contains "Total Revenue" and is what I am hoping to match using VLOOKUP in other...
  8. N

    Counting data from an external workbook

    I have been trying to count a column of data based on specific criteria. Here is an image of my data: The data in column A is actually in an external workbook (for simplicity I am showing it all in one image here) and I am using the SUMPRODUCT function to try to count how many times any time...
  9. T

    SUMPRODUCT returning 0

    Hello all! Just started learning more formulas and VBA scripting for my job, but I'm running into an issue with the SUMPRODUCT formula returning 0 instead of the actual number. My intent was to have this run through the specified closed workbook and range and then return the number of cells...
  10. S

    Retreive info in closed workbook on Sharepoint

    Hi teamies. I have an interesting problem that I cant seem to find a solution to. I have two workbooks, lets call them BookA and BookB. BookA is left closed most of the time and is accessed through Sharepoint. BookB is updated several times a day (also accessed through sharepoint). BookB has...
  11. C

    Auto combination/update of data from multiple closed workbooks into a single summary workbook

    Hi there, This is my first post here, although I have utilised this forum many times by reading other threads to help me solve my excel problems. Unfortunately this time I have been unable to reach a solution myself, so I'm hopeful that someone may help educate me. I am relatively novice at...
  12. F

    Vlookup using a cell containing a reference to closed workbook array

    Hi all, I am trying to do the below VLOOKUP, however I am getting an error. The Source Workbook is closed and I would like array to be a cell in my workbook (G1 in this example). Anyone have any idea if this is possible in Excel? Any help would be greatly appreciated! <tbody> A B C D E...
  13. S

    Copy Pasting with VB from a Closed workbook to a open one

    Hello, I have a solution to a problem which I do not have the knowledge about VB to get there. My issue is I have a inventory count with a Button that I'd like to allow the user to click and be able to upgrade copy and paste by accessing a closed Inventory log workbook looking at a column...
  14. J

    #Value with SUMIFS referencing a closed workbook

    Hi all, I am attempting to clean-up one of my dashboards by linking it directly to the source data rather than via an Access database. I have hit a problem with #Value errors from a SUMIFS formula. I have found from reading many threads that this function is not compatible with closed...
  15. S

    Changing date while referencing closed workbook

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to reference a closed workbook that is updated daily. Below is my formula `=SUMIF('L:Path\[filename - "&TEXT(WORKDAY(TODAY(),-1)),"yyyymmdd")&".xlsx]Sheet'!$DX:$DX, filename - "&TEXT(WORKDAY(TODAY()-1)),"yyyymmdd")&".xlsx]Sheet'!$BF:$BF,"criteria")` Will the TEXT...
  16. S

    Is it possible to do a countif in VBA using a closed workbook?

    Hi all. My current dilemma is this: I am writing a macro that will do a few things but I am stuck at having to do a countif using a range from a different workbook. Now this workbook is a binary one (xlsb not xlsx) and is password protected. It has multiple sheets as well. What I want to do is...
  17. R

    Advanced filter from closed workbook

    Hi, I am trying to pull data from a closed workbook using advanced filter. here is what my code looks like right now. It works fine if I have both the workbook with the criteria as well as the workbook "ORDERS CHART" open Sub Macro1() Range("Sheet2!A1:AU999").Clear...
  18. C

    Need Help with External Links to Closed Workbooks that Change Folders

    Hi all, first time posting. I have a master tracking document (WB1) that needs to return values from an external workbook (WB2) even when WB2 is closed. I have done this successfully using workbook cell formulas. However, WB2 has to be moved around within a shared folder structure. I'm trying...
  19. A

    recordset.find unable to find value from closed workbook: Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.

    Hey everyone and thanks for all your help in the past! I'm trying to search for a value in a closed workbook and if that value is found, I would know that that unique ID has already been used and move onto the next number. I'm choosing to use the ADODB method instead of having it open in the...
  20. S

    Getting value from closed workbook

    Hi there, I have this code which extracts the values I want from the spreadsheet I want, however there is only one problem - hopefully an easy fix. This extracts the data from rows 5 to 28 and columns 26 to 36, but inputs these values into my sheet in the same place. I would like the macro to...

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