1. R

    is there a way to password protect cells from being changed?

    I have created a multi-sheet workbook with several VBA codes running and I want to make sure people can't mess it up. Is there a way to make sure people can only input information into certain cells and run the codes from the buttons?
  2. K

    access to hidden sheets

    I have A combo box named comboWs that has a list of all 63 worksheets in the workbook, but all are hidden except the active one. Combo's output is on worksheet named general.switchboard in cell "O54" (this worksheet is visible=true). I want to go to the worksheet selected in the combo. I've...
  3. R

    Stop Excel changing what it thinks is scientific notation to a long number.

    Unfortunately this was bound to happen sooner or later. We have a number of product codes that are 6-digit numerical or alpha-numerical codes. It can be like "206679" or "F3465D" etc etc. Owing to the powers that be, we now have numbers like "716E18" Excel sees this and automatically...
  4. G

    Extracting Data from a Larger Body of Data

    Hi, I have monthly sales data going back 20 years for a long list of products, arranged as: Column A: Product Codes Column B: Product Names Column C: Currency Codes of Sales (e.g. USD) Column D: Month-end Dates Column E: Monthly Sales Growth Rates Column F: Month-end Sales Values So, for...
  5. R

    Count number of unique codes in a column

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which contains a list of 70,000 numeric codes in column B. Some of the codes are duplicated multiple times. Is there a formula that will count the number of unique codes? Thanks
  6. M

    Count only Unique criteria

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a IF formula to say how may criteria mach with some codes. I have made a simple graph. Goal is to find a patient with two Codes specific codes, which is 96365 and J0984 <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Location Patient ID Code Hospital 1 1...
  7. T

    Has anyone got examples of VBA code for API's

    Hi Everyone, I have to pull data from a site called Harvest. the data i want is employees time logs I understand this can be done and was told when we got the software that its easy but i stuck knowing where to start. I'm quite good at working things out and following instructions and was...
  8. L

    VBA code already there in brand new file

    Hi I closed all excel files. I opened a new one by clicking on excel icon. I go to VBA editor and I see some codes there? Why and from where they came? Thank you very much.
  9. H

    Combining data into a different format on a new tab

    Hi, I have some data which is not in a format which is useful for what I need it for I do not want to manipulate the 'Raw' data in anyway, a I need to keep an audit trail. I do not wish to use a pivot table function, as I need to be able to drop new data into the 'Raw' data tab and an update...
  10. K

    Create a low/high range of postal codes

    Hi, I have a list of postal codes arranged on 1 column of around 13000 rows. Some of these postal codes could be collapsed and setup in ranges since they are consecutive like in the example below: 121012 and 121013 could be collapsed in 1 row as Low:121012 High:121013 <tbody> Country IATA...
  11. A

    How this codes work?? Any master could explain?

    Hi, thanks for visiting my post. Basically I have the code already and they do work. But I dun understand the logic behind. For learning purpose, anyone could teach me why the below works? Codes dun understand have been highlighted Please assume I am a beginner. Task: To copy some cells with...
  12. D

    Access VBA code in corrupted workbook

    Incidentally, I've saved my Excel .XLSM Workbook with 2 macros with the absolutely same name. Forgot to rename the macro copy. Now, I can't open that workbook. Simple, no way! Is any way for this problem to be solved? Maybe to export codes to bases or text from another book? I am really...
  13. D

    Search highest value code in list

    Thanks in advance for your solutions to my problem. I have a long list of codes which looks like this : <tbody> E001 E002 E003 Q001 RW01 RW02 E004 RW03 Q002 RW04 </tbody> Where each code is the same length (4 digits). Where each code is unique. Where each...
  14. G

    Filtering Missing Data

    Hello, When I apply a filter to this document I'm using, a lot of the data suddenly goes missing. I've got a lot of two digit codes that I'm sorting by and when I sort A to Z it only brings in the codes that are numbers and remains blank for all the other two digit codes that have letters...
  15. 2

    MS Word Bar Codes

    Hello, Could you please point to why my MS Word 2016 cannot view (and save) bar codes. Upon opening (or saving) a document that already has a bar code my MS Word converts the bar codes to text. Do you know how to fix this behavior? Regards, Rajesh
  16. M

    VBA code Help

    Hello All, i have a question regarding a code - i am not sure if it is possible but i hope that there is a way around it. I have to manipulate a register on a daily basis and i am trying to use vba codes to make the task easy. A part of this is to bring in codes from a different workbook- [...
  17. BlakeSkate

    Weird OneDrive bug?

    So i have the xlsm file that is beefy with VBA. Some of these VBA codes take a considerable amount of time to finish performing their task to the 10,000+ lines of data i have. I've noticed this very non consequential bug that happens. I just want to note that i DON'T HAVE ANY ONEDRIVE CODES. I...
  18. S

    Drop Down List Problem !

    Hey Guys ! Can any one help me out, i am stuck with a problem I have a list of codes in Sheet1 from A1:A1000 I want that list to populate as list ( Data Validiation ) in Sheet2 from B1:B1000 ( but from B1 to B1000 the list should be searchable ). As in when B2 is selected then selecting codes...
  19. keiserj

    <> vbNullString Then

    Having to trouble getting this code to work. Used all last year and now always running debug and I'm struggling to figure out why? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()Dim ws As Worksheet Dim shtname As String Dim codes As String If Workbook.TextBox1.Text <> vbNullString Then MsgBox "Need...
  20. T

    Using 1 of 100 listed formules based on cell value

    Dear All, I'm using a list with 100 different codes. I need a different extensive formula for each code. Every month several new codes will be added to the list. Is it possible to make a formula list based on certain cell values? For example: Code column with these numbers: 5 7 13 2 If cell...

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