1. 2

    MS Word Bar Codes

    Hello, Anytime a save a file that has bar codes in MS Word. The file converts bar codes in to human readable text. Any idea why is it doing this and how to stop this behavior? Regards, Rajesh
  2. H

    Label value based on combox

    I have two combo boxes. List of Combobox2 is dependant on list of combobox1. Combobox1 has list of companies. Combobox2 has codes of products the company(selected in combobox1) provides In label1 I want to have name of the product for which the code is selected in combobox2. For the record...
  3. B

    Help! Countif codes..

    Good Day Mam/Sir. In this project , i have to register for an appointment. Sample picture below. as of now, i am managing to save the inputs from userform to worksheet. to finish my project, i just want to add a code that limit the applicant to register for a specific time in a specific...
  4. K

    help with this code for assigning a value to a cell when another cell contains a specific string value

    Column P (16) contains 'codes' that represent a description of something. Example: "CSR2B" = wrong labels Also there can be more than 1 code in each cell in column P (and almost always will be more than 1 actually.) (which is whY I am using the 'Like' operator and the '& vbCrLf' ) For the...
  5. J


    On sheet 1, column A1:A5, I have a list of names: Joe, Smith, Mary, Joan, Bill. Column B1:B5 of the same sheet contains reference codes for the names in A1:A5: JSM, SUT, MRE, KIT, and KTM. On sheet 2, column B1:B5, I have a list of codes that includes some, but not necessarily all, the same...
  6. S

    arranging data in multiple columns

    Hi, So I have a column of data (10,000+ rows) which contain various codes assignedto the individual (Around 60 different codes). These codes situnder 5 different headings, but these headings are not contained within thedata set. My aim is to insert5 new columns with the row header for each...
  7. G

    Can Sumifs exclude or minus a range from a list of data while still summing other ranges

    Hi there, I was just wondering if there is some way of using the sumifs function to minus or subtract a range of data from a large data set? I have a large data set that picks up contract codes in column A and the cost against these in column B. I am looking to exclude certain contract codes...
  8. A

    How can I find the range in which is cell falls when the ranges are not continuous?

    In Tab 1 i have a list of individual 5-digit codes. Each code is a specific type of hospital procedure. In tab 2 I have a list of hospital procedures names and the ranges of 5-digit codes that fall into that procedure. The ranges are NOT continuous and have gaps in them. For example, one...
  9. A

    Data from one spreadsheet to another

    Hi, I have fiterd data in one spreadsheet and then I have another spreadsheet which has more data but I want only to see the data from the filtered sheet. For ex. I need the data from column b on spreadsheet 1, which are dfferent codes, to see on spreadsheet 2, which has more codes than...
  10. M

    Check multiple columns for a value - display second value

    Hi there, I have 3 tables with codes and prices (codes are not formatted like the below). I want to enter a value in J2 and if that value is in any of the tables I want the PRICE for that table to display in K2. I can do it for two tables where it displays one value or the other using...
  11. P

    Need EXCEL To go get info for me and return dollars

    This is going to be long and tedious, or I am just simple minded. I would like to have a database of information (Control) on one sheet, and import data on another sheet, and have a formula compare that to the control and if it finds a similarity I need it to tell me how much money is invovled...
  12. I

    SumProduct - Multiple Criteria - VBA

    I am trying to work on a set of data, where I need to count how many times certain combinations of codes are used. Originally I had just one set of codes to count, but now I have multiple code combinations to count. Is it possible to combine the two lines of code as below, to work together in...
  13. Y

    Find next available product code dependent on category

    I have two columns Column A and Column B Column A has all existing product codes Column B has all existing and new product categories Old Product codes consists of two parts two letters and a 6-digit number the letters always remain the same ER the numbers were picked at random. So existing...
  14. M

    Grouped by fixed numbers

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Column "B" contains the codes, in the column "C" codes are grouped by in the friction of (1 to 2187) (2188 to 4374) and so on, numbers.</SPAN></SPAN> Example B4=100 are in the group from 1 to 2187, and the B5=3250 is in the group from 2188 to 4374 Note: to get these...
  15. J

    Changing cell based on set value

    I'm trying to have a table where if you enter a letter in one cell it will give a number in a different cell. So if A1=A then B2=1, if A1=B then B2=2. I've written a formula in colum B something like this: =If(A1="A",1,(if(A1="b",2,if(A1="c" etc...... I have about 20-40 different codes to go...
  16. M

    VBA - Concatenate Match Offset Loop

    Hi, Detail of data: Column A has a list of product codes (of which there can be duplicates upto 5000 duplicates but in some cases, there may only be 1) Column B has a list of associated product codes (there may also be duplicates as more than one of the products in Column A can be associated...
  17. D

    A dynamic table (EmailerT) in Excel to be included in outlook VBA code

    I have a dynamic table that will vary depending on a result. I need to pull that into an email as a table to email to the team. All the codes I find want me to recreate what is already a table in the workbook. Can I just use the table created? If so, how? DThib
  18. K

    VBA code: msg box if sum of cells do not equal cell "A1"

    I need a code to stop the other codes from running if the sum of cells O16:O26 do not equal cell O10. Also need the msgbox warning. This is what I've found so far. It's not working for me. Can anyone help? :) Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If...
  19. D

    Extract multiple strings from 1 cell

    Hi, I have a list of topic codes in a cell and I need to extract just the codes. The only thing that gets me close is splitting the cell based on a delimiter but there are two issues with that 1) I then need to delete the columns which contain the unwanted text and 2) sometimes I may have 4...
  20. B

    range.value in loop speed issue

    So I created a rate calculator that allows the user to enter answers for questions pertaining to the rater ("r_user_interface"). These answers are linked to a table that has various calculations that gives the final result in the cell called ("v_premium") The problem is, I now want to set...

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