color cell based on value

  1. M

    VBA to change cell interior color based search for specific text in two columns

    I have script that will look that will search for specific text within a cell in a specified column. If found, it will change the interior color for the row of the table. If not found, the script will loop to the next cell in the column until the last column is reached. This script is working...
  2. L

    Make Cell change colour automatically

    Hello I have a time consuming problem. I make a lot of risk analyzes and depending on the probability and the consequence the risk is marked with Green, Yellow or Red. Now I change the colour manually but it would save a lot of time if the cell changed colour depending on the values in the...
  3. T

    how to color a cell with two numbers

    I combine to cells into one using this command. I have two tables in the same structure. I use this command =a1&" "&A1 The first a1 is from table one the second a1 is from table two. The result is cell one 1 141 cell two 0 106 Whenever the first argument is >0 i want to color the cell...
  4. A

    VBA Conditional Formatting Colour Coded Custom List

    Hi everyone, I could not find a solution for this. On Sheet 1 I have a table such as this: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Vehicle Car Colour Code Red Bicycle Blue Tricycle Yellow Motorcycle Yellow Train White Plane Green Boat Aqua </tbody> On Sheet 2 I have another...
  5. K

    Conditional formatting

    I have set conditional formatting at both of my column BA and BB. The cells will be filled in color if the values are in the range. Columns("BA:BA").Select Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlCellValue, Operator:=xlBetween, _ Formula1:="=0.921", Formula2:="=0.931"...
  6. S

    Color Format one column from the percentage result of an adjacent column

    Is it possible to determine an argument if D2 is =< 50% of E2 to color format D2 and or column D?
  7. N

    Highlight duplicates in two different colors (on a BIG list)

    Hello, I've done some researches but havent found what i'm looking for .. I'd like to highlight duplicate cells (Name and Surname) (case insensitive). But with only 2 colors (or perhaps more like 4) - Light green/yellow (otherwise the cell won't be readable when printed... Is it possible for...
  8. B

    VBA- Worksheet Public Function with a select case statement (Coloring cells per conditions)

    Below is the worksheet setup for a worksheet (Dragdown) function I've created attempting to show a color range. My question is how do I perform a function where my worksheet cell colors change based on the (Select Case Statement) below tied to my current Work_Sheet Change /Set Performance MY...
  9. V

    Newbie needing technical help!!

    Hi, I am trying to create a work book containing names of people with the color coded dates if that certain item is near expiry or is already expired. I have done that conditional formatting, however the data is too many for me to narrow down as to what has expired. Question: I created a new...
  10. S

    Conditional cell color format

    I'm using Excel10 & searched the KB & am unable to locate a simular situation... Column A Dept name Column B Actual fiscal YTD Hours Column C Estimated Hours for the year the goal is to create conditional formating on the actual values in the rows ofcolumn B if they meet the following...
  11. R

    searching by fill color

    Hi I want to write VB code for an excel SS that searches for fill color and then performs an action based on that. For instance, if the fill color is red, delete the cell or empty it I use this code for coloring my cells: With Sheet1.Range(Cells(xx, yy), Cells(xx + 1, yy)).Interior...
  12. R

    Changing the color transparency of a cell

    I have written code to change the color of a cell based on whether the value of the cell is positive/negative. I would also like to change the transparency of that color (so the color is less intense). Does anyone know a quick way to add this change to my code? Or could someone help me write the...
  13. Y

    Changing Cell Color based on value (Not same Cell)

    Hi! I would like to know if there's a way to make a cell change color depending on the value of another cell, i have minimum knowledge about conditional formatting but I'm guessing it can only be used to condition the cell with the value as as I'm trying to color a different cell than the one...
  14. C

    Need some assistance with Excel

    I am in need with some assistance with Excel. I am looking to do an inventory for mileage on fleet trucks I have on my construction site. I have basic knowledge of building a chart displaying all the vehicles the unit #'s and the mileage. What I was wondering is there a format I can use to...
  15. A

    How can I fill certain cells with color depending on what info is inside?

    I need to look up a range (BE4:BE2383) and if the cells read "Pass" I want it Green if the cells read "Fail" I want it Red. How can I automate this?
  16. Z

    VBA question - color multiple cells using a macro

    This macro is part of a spreadsheet that is used for weekly ordering. I need to be able to look up a SKU i.e.: 3LTX1.1a and then highlight it and subsequent columns orange. My code so far has that capability. Two problems though - more SKUs may be added or taken away from the spreadsheet so...
  17. L

    Apply Conditional Formmating to highlight ONLY New Content on a Column

    I have a spreadsheet and I want to color particular cells in a column with a new color - i.e. any new changes need to be highlighted. I know there's a way to do tracking changes in excel, but it just sticks a little flag almost invisibly in the corner of the cell. I want to be able to bring the...
  18. G

    Conditional Formatting: if date value (x) is greater/less then percentage (y) then the cell color changes

    I have a conditional formatting question regarding dates. Below are the two scenarios: If the values in column H have passed (e.g., 12/01/2012), fill the cell in red. I tried to do this with the Conditional Formatting under Highlight Cell Rules > A Date Occurring, but it didn't work for any of...
  19. G

    Conditional Formatting: if value (x) is greater/less then percentage (y) then the cell color changes

    I have values in column H for a reorder point for print materials. In column O, I have the quantity on hand for said printed materials. I want to create a formula or some kind of conditional formatting that will do the following: If the quantity on hand is greater than the reorder point by...
  20. X

    Color cells based on lookup values in a separate workbook

    Environment: I am using Excel 2003 and self taught in excel and VBA. I am very new to VBA and if pointed in the right direction will learn a topic. However I need direction I have a mockup of a Call Center floor seating diagram called "Seating Chart" Workbook and Spreadsheet. "Seating Chart"...

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