1. A

    VBA to replace cell value to zero for columns having Header Date

    Hello Excel/VBA People, I am looking for a vba code that will replace the value of a cell (with yellow color) to zero for those columns having Dates as the Header column only. Example: In a certain excel file there are tabs/sheets that contain the column names Supplier name, Amount, and dates...
  2. D

    How to make cells in one column change fill colors base off of two conditions

    Hello, I am looking to have a column of dates (column G) fill GREEN based off the conditions: 1. If there is a "P" (stands for portables) in column F 2. If the date listed in column G is over one year old (365 days+) I am also looking to have the same column of dates (column G) turn GREEN...
  3. G

    Apply the same conditional formatting to another cell when it's applied to others

    I have this formula for Conditional formatting =ROUND($D$3*$C7,)>D7 and what I want to do... If the formatting is applied to any cell in range D7:NE41, then I want to apply that same formatting to D45:NE79 - the issue is that if I add that second range to the "Applies to" section of the...
  4. Q

    Get the color of a cell from its hexadecimal value

    ABCDEFGH1ColorHexadecimalColor CodeRGBRGBName Color2#0048BAAbsolute Zero3#B0BF1AAcid green4#7CB9E8Aero5#C0E8D5Aero blue6#B284BEAfrican violet7#72A0C1Air superiority blue8#EDEAE0Alabaster9#F0F8FFAlice blue10#C46210Alloy orange11#EFDECDAlmond12#E52B50Amaranth13#9F2B68Amaranth...
  5. D

    Change borders/gridlines of cells in rows A, B, C & D when cells in row E contains no blanks

    Hello everybody, I am currently sitting with the following material overview file in Excel: I have made some conditional formatting so whenever I enter a number in column E the entire row gets highlighted. Unfortunately, this erases/makes invisible my dark gridlines/borders from before...
  6. M

    Display my chart's font fill color and transparency percentage for all series on a "Chart Details" range of cells

    I'm using Excel 2016. As I keep fine-tuning my stacked area chart's configurations, I find it hard to keep track of the fill colors and series colors. I want to display, for example, in cells B40 and C40 series1's Fill color hex code and series1's Fill color's transparency. And then B41 and C41...
  7. L

    VB colors name list

    Hi I have seen values like vbgreen, vbblue,vbred etc. Is there any list that show all VBColor list? like the list below but more colors. Thank you very much souce:
  8. S

    Find conditionally-formatter cells in a given range

    Hi I have set of numbers in a range , say B2:F6, that are colored differently due to conditional-formatting. I'm looking for a sub to find/identify say YELLOW cells in range B2:F6, then copy YELLOW cell values, then paste the values into YELLOW col. starting in cell B10, and do same for other...
  9. L

    Worksheet Copier

    Hello, Does anyone know code that will copy a template worksheet multiple times? Original Sheet Name: Week Template I plan to have one worksheet for each week in the year (52 plus the 'Week Template' sheet Paste conditions: 1) row height 2) column width 3) fonts style sizes and colors...
  10. M

    Hot Keys for colors

    Hi, Is it possible to set custom hot keys for colors? For example, instead of Alt+H+H and then arrow keying to the color I want to select, is there a way to set Alt+H+H+1 to, say, white, and Alt+H+H+2 to black, Alt+H+H+3 to the third color in the palette, etc.? Thanks!
  11. W

    Is there any way to highlight the first two rows automatically after applying filters in a worksheet?

    is there any way that I can coloured the first two rows in a worksheet automatically after applying the filters?This is the overall problem :I have got a sheet with columns like thisitem price criteria1 criteria2I have to frequently filter and note down the price of the first two rows of the...
  12. T

    formatting cell that contain

    is there a faster way besides using conditional formatting to color specific columns like in VBA. I want to have the cells for example in C4-C53 g4-g53 k4-k53 etc etc to change colors if they are less than or equal to 1. i have 40+ columns to do so as you can see doing it in conditional...
  13. R

    How to set the color theme through VBA

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest how to set the colors theme- Office 2007-2010(Menu-> Page Layout->Colors->Office 2007-2010). I want to do this through VBA. thanks Rajneesh
  14. E

    how to change chart line colors in vba 6.0?

    Does anyone know how to hange chart line colors in vba 6.0? I tried the way vba 7.0 uses to change them, but it fails. I can't update its version or install an updated excel cos it's my company's pc and they forbid any new app installation.
  15. K

    Macro for tab colors based on column value

    Hi all, I'm trying to format my tab colors based on cell value in column I. Example: "At Risk" - Red Tab "In Progress" - Green Tab "Not Started" - Yellow Tab I need it to apply to all worksheets, range for all worksheets is I9:I30 All the macros I have tried don't seem to help me. Please...
  16. K

    Changing colors

    How do I get VBA to look down a column of dates and it the date is less that the date in cell A1 it fills the cell color with red and if it is equal to or 30 days out it colors the cell yellow?
  17. P

    returning a concatenated text list reflecting non-zero values

    Hi. I have a data set that is annual values for various colors. For each of these colors, in any year the value will be 0 or greater. For each year, I would like to have a cell list all the colors that are non-zero for that year. For instance, for the table below (apologies for formatting)...
  18. S

    Dependent drop down lists for groups of items

    I would like to modify my existing drop down lists to dependent ones. I have followed some of the online tutorials and made some of my own samples to learn how do make a basic dependent one. I would like to know if something is possible and below is a small sample of what I am working with...
  19. I

    How to ADD Colors to Excel

    how do I add more than 64 colors on excel 2000 or 2003? ?
  20. A

    IF, AND, VLOOKUP help

    Hello, I am trying to do a If And with a vlookup within the same workbook. IF(AND(IF(AF3431="Red",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup Table'!E:F,2,FALSE),IF(AF3431="Blue",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup Table'!E:F,2,FALSE),IF(AF3431="Green",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup...

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