1. K

    Conditional Formatting

    I need to highlight in different colors the different formats listed below in a single column. 123RMW 1234RMD TA12345RM 1234RM I have used "if contains D", "if contains W", and if Contains TA" for the first three (all in different colors). I can't figure out how to highlight the last one. It...
  2. J

    Sort Columns by color

    I know how to sort by color for a column. What I want is to sort a column by multiple colors, i.e. just group the colors together. They dont have to be in any specific order, just grouped together. Is there a macro or code I can write to do this? Thanks
  3. S

    Conditional Formatting Chart

    Dear All, I would like to know how can I conditional format this chart: Objective: "Change the color of graph to “Red” or “Green” depending on Achievement %age in cell “B40 to G40” in tab “PDV”. Currently, the graph colors are different (random colors). Change the color of graph to “Red” or...
  4. D

    VBA? Change automatic colors

    Hello Everybody. I work long hours on my laptop and I'm trying to customize a little the appearance of my PC. I'd like a DARK theme, but unfortunately, Windows 7 doesn't think I deserve it: I managed to get a dark theme (without aero) but this changes the "default colors" and excel became...
  5. H

    excel vba about sum up number of multiple words

    Hi, How do i write a code to count total of "blue" and "red" in each school? The sum of blue and red have to be written at the cell next to the school. Colors other than blue and red are ignored. The rows in each school is inconsistent. <tbody> AB School 4 Blue Blue Red Red CD...
  6. D

    How do I cange text box color on click

    I'd like to toggle through 3 colors red yellow and green. On click I'd like to be able to change the color of a text box to these colors. I'm up for ideas so far I've been able only to change the color of a text box based on a formula or the color of the cell with a click, but the cells are too big.
  7. R

    VBA: Need help to assign codes to items chosen by the user for conditional formatting

    I know this looks daunting, but please don't turn away just yet. :) The concept of what I'm trying to achieve is simple, but requires a lot of detail to paint you the right picture. I'm trying to create a way for users to assign colors to projects in a dynamic list. So when the user makes a...
  8. B

    Text color as an argment

    Dears, I would like to create a sub or function and inform the type of data I'm working with. Each data type has a specific color. In the other sub I'll have to write a lot of lines, with different colors, depending on its type. So, how can I do it? Is it possible to create a sub, define the...
  9. U

    Sort - group sheet on multiple fill colors in a column

    Hello, I have a column of email addresses were I search for duplicates and give each grouping of duplicates a different fill color so there are an unknown number of fill colors and the duplicates are not in any particular order in the column I want to sort my sheet on the fill colors so they...
  10. P

    rows alternating colors, no table including filter

    Hi All, I would like to have a table where the rows have alternating colors, but without the use of table formatting (because it slows the excel too much down). AND after filtering the rows should still have alternating colors for the visible rows. The last part is what I'm struggling with...
  11. N

    Conditional Formatting with Dates

    I have a training spreadsheet that I am tracking 16 different trainings for about 30 people. I have the dates the training was complete out next to their names. All of the training is annual, so I would like to have the colors change as the exp date approaches. If training was completed...
  12. P

    Data Validation

    Hi I have more than 10 different list with different categories for example I have a cosmetic shop with different Goods and colors powder 4 colors 206-207-208-209 lipstick 8 colors 301-302-...-308 foundation 6 colors 501-501-...-506 and I have more than 20 goods my question is how can I...
  13. K

    Conditional formating One Column against another?

    Hi there, What I am trying to do is conditionally format a comments column based on what control code is used. so that if a certain project code is used the comments column turns red UNTIL IT IS FILLED OUT. Once the comments section is filled out correctly it should go back to the regular...
  14. H

    Macro to sum cells based on fill color and text color

    I am trying to come up with a macro to sum the below data based on cell color and text color but am having issues. The data is in cells B2:D45 and the different fill colors are blue and red. The different text colors are black and yellow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  15. G

    VB Code Help

    Is there VB Code to get a cell date to change to different colors in this format <= 30,20,14,7] days? Thanks in Advance
  16. J

    Making Custom Colours appear on the Colour Palette on Startup

    Hi: This particular issue relates to Office 2013, but I believe it also is current in 2016. We have common MS Office theme thmx files populating custom colors, which works as expected on PPT and Word, ie the formatting colour palettes contain three sections, Theme Colors, Custom Colors and...
  17. S

    Row(s)/cell(s) automatically will be locked after filling colors

    Have a good day everyone! Problem : Row(s)/cell(s) automatically will be locked after filling colors I know this may sounds like a broken record , but i can't find previous thread about my excel problem. Can someone help me please..thank you in advance.
  18. M

    Get Color of cell

    Hi, I am using excel 2010, and want to get the color integer value. I tried using Dim colornumber As Integer Dim c1 as Range Set c1 = Range("A1") colornumber1 = c1.Interior.ColorIndex But the problem is that "grey" has a "2" value and so does the white space, so it doesn't capture all the...
  19. J

    World Map by country - custom color code

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to show the world map with all countries. I want to color all countries based on criteria will be 4 colors. Example of country colors - cleared (blue) - removed (red) - review (yellow) - approved (green) What's the best way to do this? I'm not opposed to...
  20. C

    Using For-loop to establish sequential variables?

    I am using a user form to pull cell colors to allow a user to set custom colors for reporting. I thought I could use a for loop to set these sequentially but it doesn't seem to work. Is there a cleaner way of doing this? "Aspect_" & i & "_Col" = Cells(7,14 + i).Interior.Color does not work...

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